What Day is it really……

So if I can remember what day it is that would be a good start to the day…its been Thursday all day to me….crazy when your retired all the days of the become the same…LOL  so it really is Wednesday but in my little mind its really Thursday, oh wait or is it Tuesday….thank goodness I have a calendar on my phone…LOL


So under 1000 calories…good food all day, stayed away from my triggers…and back on track…yay….feeling good about that…It was a rough few days….I don’t think its going to work to add potatoes and bread no matter how small back into my food plan yet….yeast products are my triggers no matter…and potatoes well they just seem to pack on the pounds…..aghhhh so I have cut them both back out of my list of foods that I wish I could eat…..

At the gym, 35 minutes and actually worked up a sweat…Yay  getting more comfortable with the machines…then onto the pool, jogged for my 20 minutes and did a few other pool exercises, that was a good 45 minutes in the pool, then onto the hot tub, and sauna….made for a good couple hours…I go back for my last training session in the morning and will hit the last 1/2 hour of the water aerobics….so that will be good….crazy that I am really enjoying exercising…my body is responding in a positive way…

I am still noticing different parts of my person that is changing…my neck muscles are starting to really change…and my arms are getting a small amount of muscle….I m enjoying it and will even be happier when more fat melts away….I haven’t decided if I will weigh in this week…I know that I have gained some of my recently lost weight back…I can feel it….I am not trying to deny it, so I will probably weigh in….I will know then the time comes….

Tomorrow night heading to San Francisco with my beautiful daughter to go listen to some of her friends do readings on their books….I am looking forward to enjoying this with her…I have read a couple of books by one of the authors, so it will be nice to meet her….so another busy day tomorrow and that’s all good….

Dog went to vet today and her wound is almost healed, maybe another 3 or 4 days…yeah!!!   she is doing really well and ready to stop visiting the vet…we opened the door when we got there to get her out of the car, which she is always excited about, well she didn’t want to get out…she knew where we were poor baby…

imagesMTSCISKW looks just like my dog, but she’s shy and hates her picture taken

So until tomorrow….


28 thoughts on “What Day is it really……

  1. Yup – Thursday here! My husband (he who I call Two Brains) finds it impossible to remember what day I am on (in Europe) when he is in Boston or worse Hawaii …. he might be a clever Astrophycist but he can’t work the simplest calculations for time difference!!!

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    • Oh bur it has its draw backs…for instance I now know why people show up at MD appointments on the wrong day, or worse miss them completely….also to show up at the back on a Sunday….pullin in, wondering why they aren’t busy….LOL turn the TV on to find they have replaced your favorite show…start to bitch about it, then spouse points out what day it really is…LOL but yes it is really lovely….my husband and I generally do “what day is it tomorrow and whats on the agenda” before bed each night….LOL

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      • don’t be, it is fun to be retired and at a younger age so I can enjoy it, but after working for over 40 years of my life and for about 10 years I worked 2, 3, and 4 jobs to make ends meet….not complaining but it is hard to get out of the system…I have had job offers that would make me happy to work at, especially ones that I could help mold and put my special spin on…. but hummmm RVing or working…not a hard choice…plus why work just to give it to the government…doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out…..kat

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      • Oh, you don’t have to convince me! I love my work, but I was ready to retire 10 years ago. 😃
        We live pretty frugally, socking it away. Mostly for boys’ college, but also for retirement. I’m ready!!!


      • I believe you! Not sure if I’ll be able to that early, we waited too long to have kids! I’ll have three in college, hopefully, at once. I may have to drag on a bit longer. But ASAP!!!


      • lets hope they get scholarships….my daughter did really well with getting schooling paid for by her high GPA and my son fought me tooth and nail…lol so I refused to help him since he wouldn’t help himself…I was a single mom working 3 jobs to make a decent life for us…

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      • they helped a lot…and my daughter in her Junior years of college applied for the bumac ( I could be saying that wrong) but they give you money to do schooling in another county…she picked London…and I believe they gave her 4 grand each semester….she had a blast…but you had to have a good GPA….

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      • I was blessed with my daughter….she loves school and challenges her self all the time…my son…well he is very smart, but used his intelligence to figure out how to do the least amount of work in a classroom to pass…LOL he screwed around all year to take summer school, he said why study 9 months when I can do it in 6 weeks in the summer….he had a point…but…I went to pick up his diploma as he didn’t even want it and the office lady told me she had never seen anyone graduate so close to the cut off…I told that was done on purpose and she said they all realized that as it was down to the narrowest number…LOL he is a licensed electrician today…so doing well…

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  2. My writing assistant sends your pup good wishes on a speedy recovery 🙂
    And the days, oh, even while working, which I am not currently, I typically have no clue. Or the times, sometimes the year. It makes life interesting.


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