Weigh In Day….

Well I have gained back 3# from last weeks weight in, I am not sure how accurate that was as I weighed at the vets last week…man that sounds pathetic…LOL  but I did and was so happy with the number that came up I never thought about reweighing when I got home..my error for sure..then I had the rough last beginning of the week, out of 7 days – my calories were over 1500 for 3 of those days, and some of my food was breads….and I know how that affects me…so I am not surprised I am where I am at…so that’s that and I am back on track and focused…last three days have been fabulous…so I will chalk it up to a learning experience..at least it wasn’t more….and I think I will stay off the vets scale…LOL

back to the gym tomorrow…get a work in and then some pool time…then home to work on the yard…arthritis is reminding me its around…hands swollen and shoulder screaming a lot but all’s good…I can still walk and move…so no complaining…

now on a very sad note:

Well we took a ride up to the fire stricken area, the valley fire….it was pretty devastating…

12143291_10204845859806323_6133361589562206960_n 12144827_10204845858246284_4899021267949457602_n

Really looked like we were on another planet….even the dirt was burned…As far as you could see on the left was torched to the top of the hill and on the right side it was like the fire picked and choose what to burn…you could really feel how incredibly hot this fire was…crews out cutting down the dead forest ….we went and shopped at the local shops in town, trying help with the local economy….I sit here shaking my head at the devastation I saw today…hits you at your core….my heart goes out to those that lost everything….it was nice to see all the federal fema trucks there along with the red cross and all the insurance companies….it certainly makes you come home and appreciate life…..

So…until tomorrow


24 thoughts on “Weigh In Day….

  1. Only my opinion Kat but I would pick a scale and stick to it. I was weighing myself all over the place and it was always inconsistent so now I do it once a month at the gym and that does me, no are areas and I know its all good because it’s only human nature to focus on the lowest figure… 🙂
    The pictures are dreadful, it is incredible the amount of devastation fire can cause.
    Do they know what started it all as yet?

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    • last I heard it was still under investigation..they have narrowed it back to shed for the first flame, but not sure why it started….they said is was a fires storm and you could see why after seeing the devastation…house after house burned, at one spot a huge home sits completely surrounded by burned homes…crazy how that happens…very sad,,,


  2. Pardon my French, but fuck FEMA! At least those bumbling bag goons learned from Katrina. But not until an entire city laid to waste, and several hundred people died, while waiting on them to get their thumbs outta their asses. Hope they’re helping the folks around y’all. They sure my friends no favors.


    • agreed, but they were under the direction of Brown who was listening to Bush….infact I remember a news cast where Brown (I think that was the fema directors name then) said that they weren’t sure if Katrinina wasn’t a terrorist plot…Hummm that’s frigin crazy…and I agree Fema isn’t doing to much to help the fire victims, I have read that they are offering 5 grand to anyone who’s house wasn’t insured….they are not offering temperaty housing or any of that….personally I can’t blame the organization for the Katrina fuck up, it was the leaders calling the shots…and what about all the people in the dome that the emergency people said they couldn’t get too??? CNN was there for days before they got any help…that was all the governments call on that one…I am not sure how they couldn’t get to them since the dome is in the middle of New Oreleans…HUMMM a lot od screw ups during Katrina…the Red Cross is even saying they screwed up there….but from what I am seeing and hearing Fema is not helping to much….

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      • The Shrub administration was all fluff and puff. Brown was the fall guy, you’re right about that. Yep, Shrub saying they had no idea how bad it was in New Orleans????? They didn’t have one tv in the White House??!!??!!??!! Fucking clueless. He was a bumbling boob! And the Red Cross? And don’t get me started on how coastal Mississippi was, and stl is, being treated. Pisses me off, even 10 years after the fact. I hope they’re helping out there more. 😠


      • well I don’t have much better thoughts on the red cross out here…but they were there when it was needed most…however the locals beat the red cross to the fair grounds and all the wonderful chefs around the county came together with the local famers fresh foods to make our of this world food for them….so I would have to say that thanks to social media in this instance that the locals ran circles around the red cross YAY for that…this area is very driven by its own people….nice to see…

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      • That’s usually the case, the locals and citizens coming to aid long before, and after, the government. Makes me believe in humanity. And continue to look at federal and aid agencies with distrust. If it meant securing votes, they’d all be there. They’d rather go hang with the Kim Davis’ of the world than actually help people. Can you tell I’m a bit jaded politically? 😜


  3. One scale, one set time of day too. Your weight fluctuates throughout the day. Usually first thing in the am, after you do whatever you need to do 😉 is your best “weigh in’ time.
    As for the fires, heartbreaking.


    • thanks…yes that is what I had been doing…but that big flat scale just sitting there in the empty vets office…once again temptation does not have to be food…LOL so I jumped at the chance and when the numbers were to good to be true I put on the blinders and ran with it…LOL yes back to my early AM weigh in on the same scale on the same day of the week….Oh my how boring but accurate…LOL

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  4. U know when you hit like sometimes on WP it just don’t seem appropriate… No >> I don’t LIKE that u gained back 3 lbs… No >> I don’t LIKE the devastation due to the fire. YES>> I do LIKE that you thought to share a moment in your life with all of us. ~Bridgette


    • I didn’t like gaining in it back either…but it is what it is..LOL on ward and upward….I won’t be adding bread back into my diet plan….thanks for your input…and stopping by….and I agree sometimes like just won’t do!!

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      • Exactly… but remember u r not alone. My weight goes up & down weekly. I’ve stop worrying about it and just keep on moving forward! ~Bridgette


      • that’s all we can do…as women we have water weight gain and I was told years ago by a weight watchers lady that it is normal to fluxuate 3# up or down on any given day…..so I never sweat the small stuff…however I normally weigh first thing on Fri morning…LOL before My body has had a change to wake up ….

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  5. At least you continued to get on the scales, well done for that, as for me I sometimes take the head in sand approach and avoid them altogether if I think I’m going to get a less than favourable reading.
    Thinking of your area after the fire aftermath, my brother lost most of his home in Perth, Western Australia about 5 years ago during a bush fire but were so grateful they all got out of it safe and well.


    • it was sad 4 people died in this fire, a fireman, a women in a wheel chair couldn’t get out she was close to where the fire started and was a fire storm…and there wasn’t even time for anyone to go get her as she lived way out on the end of a road..and 2 men who didn’t leave and when they tried it was to late….very sad….believe me I didn’t want to get on the scales…LOL but if I feel I have to own it no matter…it was all good I thought it would be worse so back at it..glad your brother made it out safe….my sister lost 2 houses to fires…both faulty heaters…but they got out safe and sound…kat


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