Weekends coming to an end……

What a great weekend….its been sunny, and yes we had wind but its still nice out….we worked in the back yard, tore out a huge aloe vera and got rid of the old box bed and took it down to the ground level and put pavers back in…I am scaling back….after 6 hours of outside work, we work, rest, work, rest, the only way to do it…I was beat…..LOL below is the before and after… .


so much cleaner and next spring we will put our pots of big cactus across the back…ahhh big sigh that’s done….

Then I showered off the dirt  and went to the pool…jogged for my 20 minutes…felt like my legs were going to fall off, and then I did another 20 minutes of lighter pool exercise, hot tub forever and then the hot sauna….I think it saved my muscles…that and Advil..Been a good exercising weekend…let me tell you I had my heart rate up several times during the day…part of the rest….LOL  and today I picked up my 12 year old niece at 10a and we went swimming…she is part dolphin, LOL, I jogged again for my 20  minutes and today I was able to actually get my knees way up and put some ump into it…then I swam and did a few other pool exercises to make it almost an hour and then hot tub and that was I could do today…LOL so I feel even though I didn’t get my machine work out in, I did get a garden work out in…LOL

Food has been good…I was at 1173 cal yesterday and so far today 936…so I am on track….I will have popsicles later tonight…so all good…

Got all my labs back…everything is normal…no highs or lows….yay….I always sweat the lab test…so that was a good thing that happen this weekend….

Another good thing that happened to me, well it happened awhile ago, Emily from Word Press  asked me if I would like to participate in the National Arthritis Week in the UK, of course I accepted so I have been working on a blog for that…the week starts on October 12th so I will post it on that date…I was very excited to help this good cause…

Speaking of my arthritis, it wasn’t very happy with me yesterday…but sometimes you just have to push through the pain to reach the goal…and when your as stubborn as I am you sometimes don’t think before you push ahead…..so I am sore everywhere but dam am I happy I got that job done…my husband was my hero…we actually got an axe and chopped the aloe vera into 4 pieces to get it out, but we got it…LOL

Hope everyone had a good weekend….

Until tomorrow….


23 thoughts on “Weekends coming to an end……

  1. Wow you had a super busy weekend! I love the after picture sounds like you are a good team! You have been keeping up with your work outs so regularly and the swimming sounds wonderful! I am always amazed at your pushing through! Glad all the tests were ok! love Lynn


  2. You’re amazing. You inspire me. All the guests left yesterday so we worked on the house today. Now prepped for the work week. Going to try and eat well and get some exercise going too.


  3. Congratulations on taking part in Arthrytis week for the UK … I really look forward to reading the post when it is ready. And you – well you just continue to amaze so I wish you nothing short of an amazing week!


  4. Congratulations on the article for arthritis! That’s exciting! Heat does wonders for sore muscles. I love our sauna and would practically live in it if I could. Your doing great with the excercising. Keep up the hard work.


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