Just because the moon & I have this thing going on…LOL

Kick back day….dog to the vet, she’s done there…Yay…stopped at my favorite vegie stand on the way home, its been in business since the late 1800’s…they always have the best tomatoes and vegies…. came home bbq’d a chicken and fresh vegies….so lunch was yummy…

Letting my muscles catch up with the last few days…at least they don’t hurt like the did…back at it tomorrow, will be at the gym early for a work out and then into the pool for an hour of water aerobics….if I get there early enough I can water jog before the water aerobics….and on my home stop off and get some more dirt to re-pot some cactus before winter and deal a few other spots that need a little love…so the gym and yard work lined up for tomorrow…at least lunch is made….

I will finish the day off with under 1000 calories today…only trying to consume healthy calories…I want to get more weight off…I am wondering if I am going to need to cut my calories back more…??  we will see after I weigh in this week…I now that we reach plateaus and need to do something to shake it up, just not sure what…but no sense crossing that bridge until I weigh in this week…

Seems like a boring post…..but that is what today is all about….Dishes done, kitchen cleaned….time to put my feet back up…

so until tomorrow……



27 thoughts on “Monday…..

  1. I agree, not boring – it is reality! I actually thrive on days like yours…wish I had more of them. Though I did pretty much do that over the weekend. I commend you on watching your calories. I need to lose weight too for my chronic pain but when I am in pain I crave all the wrong foods!


    • I am a lunar baby…LOL not sure – its always been a part of my life….beach combing under the moon, skinny dipping under the moon, dancing in the moon light, sleeping outside under the moon and stars…what can I say…don’t you have something that keeps showing up in your life…like stars…as far back as I can remember, the star symbol has been part of my life also…sounds crazy and I didn’t even notice it until 2007ish…people buy me star shapped items, and hearts. all the time…hey I don’t ask for them….they just show up…..but the moon is just a big orb in the night sky….man has walked on it…what can I say its special…..LOL kat

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      • thanks….however after I wrote back to you I had more time to reflect…I must admit I have a lunar calendar sitting by my computer….LOl my niece always get me one for my birthday every year….I do follow the cycle of the moon, in my first marriage I was part of a family of Italians that owned resteruatnts and always, always either before or on or after a full moon the patrons were a little crazier than normal…and then when I went to work in the medical field you didn’t even have to know it was a full moon, you could tell by the way the patients were acting…LOL so that is true that a full moon effects the mind and mood….LOL so maybe I am infatuated with the beautiful moon…at least its just the moon….LOL hope you don’t think I am a whack-a-doodle for it…


      • No I don’t think you’re crazy at all lol…my mother-in-law is a registered nurse and she’s always said that the hospital is crazy full on full moons so I understand where you’re coming from. You have a connection with the moon, nothing wrong with that at all…unless of course, you’re offering blood sacrifices to it!!! lol jk


      • not really…kinda scary…I usually do it alone after my husband goes to bed and only for a couple minutes….it is however very freeing…try it some time….even if its in your own bedroom behind closed doors and all the better if the moon is shining in through a window…LOL

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  2. Moon Child, the window onto your life, however mundane is always a pleasure. I’m not sure about cutting calories even more – do remember that you are waking up muscles and that will affect your overall loss each week (in a good way). I do know that it’s good to have a rest day each week otherwise your body gets confused. I should have thought that keeping around 1,000 calories on average is as low as you should go but I’m just an educated amateur – I’m guessing a professional would have a more accurate take.


    • no you are very accurate…the professionals didn’t want me to go under 1200 calories…I will wait until weigh in and see what happens, I am finally feeling like I might be dropping a pound or two now…and I really need to be little more vigil on what calories I put in my mouth..that could have a big effect on my weight loss…I did enjoy my day of bliss yesterday….but back at it today….thanks…always appreciate your thoughtfulness….xxkat

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  3. An ordinary day is a good day when you suffer as you do, I have a life long painful skin condition and understand what it is like battling pain and weight at the same time! You are amazing. As for the moon, I am a star lady .. love the stars and what they stand for, throw in a bit of chinese zodiac and I am made up as we brits say x


    • I like stars as well but the moon has a pull for me…I never noticed until about 8 years ago how many star items I have been given, so I am thinking the star has attached itself to me more than I am attracted the them..when it finally dawned on me one day, I started counting all my star items and I couldn’t believe that I had over 25 star items just hanging out in my home…LOL funny how things just show up uninvited from friends and its always in the same shape…my daughter loves the Chinese zodiac….so I know what your talking about….katxxx


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