Mystery Solved…..

First let me say thank you to everyone who has tried to help me understand the carb vs calories, but I really felt like I was tying to learn a new language…LOL

So I had a mini melt down inside my head this morning trying to wrap my head around a pre-diabetic diet…It was so straight forward just counting calories…..I have never been a number person in any form and this was no different…so I called to get in with a nutritionist, and lucky for me she had a cancelation at 11:30a….I was there 15 minutes early with all my info I had collected and my food app on my cell…she had reviewed my chart, and had already printed out information to help me…bonus!!…as we sat talking it was soon apparent we were both talking about different lab values as I was saying 91 glucose verses her 5.9%….she mentioned the A1c test and I told her it never showed up on my labs, so I was going by the glucose…well my MD forget to check the little box to let it be seen on my profile…so now that that mystery is solved I can take a deep breath and understand it all…I am at the very low end of there chart so that’s good….and my glucose has dropped since last year, another good after learning about the carb counting in calories and all the other interesting factoids…I realize I am going to be busy journaling my food and the breakdown…I am committed for the next 3 months…with my exercise and weight loss lets hope this will be just a bad memory after January….

Been a good day….I am at 813 calories and I am at 107 carbs. I will spare you all the other numbers…so that’s all good…I will work for lower carb numbers, (I am allowed 90 to 160grams) I could go a little lower but that’s my range. I am sure it will get easier as the days go by…just need to do some research….

I went to the gym and jogged for 30 minutes and another 15 minutes doing H2O aerobics…and then the hot spa… that felt good…arthritis has been reminding me its still trying to be in control….an ugly fight but I soaked it out in the hot water today…LOL

I messed in the flower beds for awhile…and just sat outside in the fresh air…unfortunately my husband has caught some bug…and has him under the weather, with his COPD it doesn’t take much to knock the wind out of his sail…

1  So until tomorrow….

41 thoughts on “Mystery Solved…..

  1. Woot! Way to go! 🙂 Sounds like you had a pretty productive day! I didn’t hit up my elliptical today but I came in at 1075 cals so I am happy about that 🙂 Sorry to hear your husband is under the weather 😦 Sending good, healing vibes to both of you 🙂 xo

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    • that’s not good….I like everything to be copasetic….lol I am working to hard to have my numbers be out of wack…LOL oh well now I get to journal for 3 months….I am certainly getting educated in carbs, proteins, etc….verses calories…something I have always avoided…at least I don’t have to stick myself daily….


  2. Wow!!! Way to go Kat, sadly I am too bugged down by numbers specially counting calories and all despite knowing that it is important to know these things. I am pretty sure you will be able to reach your goal. God bless on your journey to being fit and fab! 🙂


  3. My A1C is 6.1. I’m trying to get it down to 5.6 with diet and exercise. I’m taking a blood test in November. Sure hope it goes down. Glad you’re using a food app. The only way to go. Did your nutritionist explain about net carbs? Carbs minus fiber = net carbs. And anytime I eat carbs, I always pair it with a protein so my glucose levels don’t go sky high.


    • no she didn’t say anything about net carbs…and I have a hard time getting protein, I don’t eat a lot of meat but adding it back in because I know I am low…I am not even keeping count of my fiber?? should I ??? so I am guesing total carbs eaten – fiber eaten = real amount of carbs taken in for the day….sorry I am really bad at this..

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      • No, it’s just a learning curve. You’re using a food app, right? I use My Fitness Pal. I click on the section that gives me deets about my macronutrients, fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc. So I look at my carbs and see I’m usually over a bit. But if the amount of fiber I ate in grams equals or is more than the amount I ate in carbs, I don’t feel so bad. For instance, eating an apple is much healthier than drinking apple juice. The apple provides fiber in the skin, etc. But juice hits the blood stream and shoots the blood sugar sky high.

        I eat Greek yogurt… a good source of protein. I read the labels very carefully cuz so many flavored yogurts have way too much added sugar. Plain, organic yogurt is best. I add frozen berries on top and it’s like dessert. Lately, I’ve been eating flavored yogurts so not to get bored. I buy Triple Zero Greek yogurt. Not too many carbs or sugar. Satisfies my sweet tooth.

        Protein is so important to build muscles, etc. Do you like grilled chicken? Wild salmon? I’ll also eat skim mozzarella. There are also different food combos to get the complete 9 essential amino acids in your protein. Like rice and beans are a complete protein. Includes all 9 essential amino acids. But I can’t eat rice and beans now cuz it’s just too many carbs. There are other combos too. I’ll post about those soon, too.


  4. Your body needs carbs for energy. I personally believe going into ketosis is harmful. I follow the Mediterranean Diet, but no wine. No booze at all. Your macronutrients should be: 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% healthy fats. Eat foods with a low glycemic LOAD. (I’m going to do water aerobics in the pool right now, but later tonight or tomorrow, I’ll blog about the glycemic load vs glycemic index.) Eat as clean as possible. (80/20 is do-able.) I majored in dietetics in college, so I enjoy keeping up with the science.


      • Oh, sorry. I wasn’t clear. 80% clean (not processed) and 20% lightly processed foods. I don’t buy frozen meals anymore, even diet. I’ll buy store-bought bread, but stick to low net carbs and hopefully lightly processed. So I look at the ingredients. I run from artificial sweeteners, additives, coloring, and preservatives. Oh! Get the free food app, Fooducate! I use it at the store when I’m buying cereal, breads, yogurts, etc. Grades the food!


      • I don’t eat any processed food….or fish…some tuna…but I can do turkey and chicken…I just prefer not…I am staying away from all yeast products, it my heroin and I don’t do pastas, only brown rice….I have terrible trigger foods that I must artificial sweetenrs or food coloring…I could be vegan, I do like my 1/2 1/2 in my coffee and cheddar cheese….I will look for that app too…thanks I am doing my homework LOL


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