Whooo Hooooo….

12088187_10204871465926460_3092266210957086872_n First the sunset last night was breathtaking….

Well good news I am down 6#’s since last Friday….whipppeeeee……its working!!!!  I thought this would be a could time to list some facts on here….I weighed in on March 24th this year and I was a staggering 326 pounds…the highest I have ever been….It took me about a week to come to grips with how obese I was and start counting calories, so on April 2nd I started recording and counting all my calories on my new path to weight loss…with a family members help and encouragement I started to attend Overeaters Anonymous, I had been on every diet that ever was to no avail, with this I might be able to get to the root of my reason for eating, I went to meetings and worked the program and its books and steps….I must say it helped me overcome some deep personal issues I had been harboring that I was eating to get help alleviate…so I thanked them for the help and walked away…I continued my new journey..slow and steady…Since then I have lost 61 pounds!!!   whoo hooo   I set goals at the beginning and the first was getting under 300 pounds, check, check done that – next goal was getting to 250 pounds, check-check did that on vacation, next goal is 250 pounds, only 15 away…..then 199, first time I will have been under 200 pounds since 28 years ago…then time to re-evaluate and set new goals…I am starting to really see a change on my body, my arms, legs, face, hips are actually melting away….gone to never return…I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself…my energy level is through the roof, my husband told me yesterday I was scaring him with all the energy I had…LOL  love it…I told him wait till I drop another 50….my clothes are getting really baggy, and not just my personals…LOL  I ordered a couple items in my old size and they are to big…time to get the old sewing machine out…I wanted to share my journey with everyone and share my excitement of a big 61# loss this morning when I got on the scale…..I believe watching my carbs and all that stuff for the last 3 days have really helped…I do notice I am eating differently…choosing my foods differently, not that there a better choice, just less carb laden foods that’s all…my next big health goal is to kick my A1c numbers back down the ladder….

I also need to say thank you to the WordPress community…what a great place to have landed….my wonderful daughter suggested that I try blogging so I did and was quit happy that I had a great place to journal my days and thoughts, then she said you know you can tag, so she taught me how to tag and the rest is history…I have met so many wonderful people that have inspired me, motivated me, and encouraged me….

imagesPJ3KSK3ZThank you, Gracias, Danke, Ta, Merci, Grazie,

Ok-so on with today….as you can see its been a great day…It started early as the sun came up going to the gym…did a 40 minute work out on the machines, continuing with the increased weight, less reps and more sets…its working…I had a great sweat on when I was done…and that included 100 abd crunches….then on to water aerobics, it is getting easier..I noticed that today…did a full hour of aerobics and then jogged for another 10 minutes and swam a few laps…onto the hot tub and wet sauna to sweat it off…LOL  so exercise done…and I felt energized for the day…

My food was good….I was 1035 cal….and my carbs were 102, her suggestion was 90 to 160 carbs, but I would really like to get them down to about 50…its really hard since I don’t eat a lot of meat, I can go weeks with out meat…it seems like all the protein foods are high in carbs….so more research is needed, I am looking into a protein tablet so I don’t have to worry about getting all my protein from foods and keeping the carbs down….I have the upmost respect for anyone who has to do this daily….count, count, count….I did add fenugreek capsule to my daily vitamin regime, it is suppose to help keep blood sugars low…and she approved…Yay….

Arthritis is arthritis…..still here and will always be….hoh hum…no need to whine and cry about it…at least not today I am on too much of a high…LOL

I did go to an acupuncturist, my son and his wife have a wonderful gentleman they go to, and wanted me to go as he does help people with active wet macular, but there was nothing he could do to help me at this time, he made several good suggestions and e-mailed me a web site, so that was positive.  He can help my husband with his aliments so that’s a good thing.

so until tomorrow….


24 thoughts on “Whooo Hooooo….

  1. amazing sunset picture!
    That is so outstanding! Your journey is a fantastic one for sure! Pure inspiration Kat! The group sounds like it was a great idea and helped allot! I never knew that was a real group. I think that could really open the door for many of us! Congratulations you have worked so hard!!! You deserve every ounce lost and every muscle gained!!!!! Lynn


  2. It is an amazing journey and it is amazing to be journeying with you …. I have never met you but I am SO proud of you for what you have achieved and I know it is just the tip of the ice-berg. Chapeau to your daughter for pursuading you to Blog! 😀


  3. That sunset was amazing, but not nearly as amazing as you!!! Way to go, I hope you feel really proud of yourself as you are so deserving of it. What you are doing takes discipline, dedication and perseverance but as you see the results are totally worth it! Yay to you for your hard work…keep it up!!


  4. That’s awesome! I’m very happy for you! I use My Fitness Pal to track my calories, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals. I recommend it even for people who don’t need to lose weight but to figure out how to improve their nutrition. From May to July, I only lost 4 lbs. Then I started using the app towards the end of July. Suddenly the weight began coming off. I’ve lost 29 lbs. since July. A total of 33 lbs so far. And I plan to keep going. Congrats again!


  5. Sitting here wondering how did I miss this post? Maybe because you posted it on my birthday and I probably wasn’t online much that day. Thanks for the link, I see how hard you’re working towards your goals. Thanks for sharing and inspiring others to do the same…no matter what the goal may be!! 🙂


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