Oh Hum…Lazy Saturay…..

Its been a nice kick back day….I did clean the house…worked up a great sweat….we did the grocery shopping….that was totally uneventful…my husband has come down with terrible allergies so I literally mucked out the bedroom…all the blankets have been washed and I dare anyone to find a speck of dust!!!!  LOL I had a cooking bug going on so I made a big pot of soup with pork and leeks, kale and collard greens for my husband…put up 5 servings for the freezer…and I made myself a big batch of steamed greens…kale, collards, spinach and leeks….adding a lot of dark leafy greens to my diet..they go with everything and low carb, low cal and high in goodness….I ended my day under 1000 calories @ 992 and my carbs are @ 80.06 so I was able to get those numbers down…It is getting easier…

I spent the rest of the day playing in the yard, reading, and watching the Blue Angels in San Francisco, the local station had it live..I added a couple pictures I took on my tv…LOL  I know I am terrible…but they were magnificent…


and then a fellow blogger and I talked about conks, the fungi that grows on trees, she had a beautiful picture of some on a post and I said I would add my picture of mine…so here you go Pearly: go check out her blog..  https://designinglife01.wordpress.com/

IMG_20151010_210502824my conk painted my mother, this one was found in the Olympics in Washington state near our home when I was young…its 8″  high and 9″ long…and its over 30 years old…..

I am adding a couple other pictures just for the fun of  it….12112157_1213188052030386_4592164130554164446_nwitches by dick

My brother painted the witches…one of my favorites…the other is off the internet…

As you can see it has been a very calm peaceful day….tomorrow I am picking up my niece the dolphin and will be at the pool by 10a….

sooo until tomorrow…..

40 thoughts on “Oh Hum…Lazy Saturay…..

  1. Sounds like you had a great day! 🙂 Love all the artwork and your soup sounds delicious 🙂 My fiance and I were just talking about how now that it’s getting colder outside we need to do some meal planning, chili, soup all that good stuff. I always get the cooking bug around this time of year 🙂


  2. Omg! I never saw a conk painting before, it is soo beautiful Kat. When you told me about it i started imagining like its just gonna be few colors on the edges and all but oh ma this is soo pretty awesome! I am going to show this to everyone around me 😀
    Thank you soo much xx


  3. I didn’t even know what conk was … but I love this painted one and am now going to obsess about whether it is possible to paint some of the amazing fungus that grows here. Happy Sunday, lovely lady!


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