CInderella – Lucky – Fella

Wednesday…..I always sound like a broken record…it was a good day, no other way to say it….I did 40 minutes at the gym….got a good sweat on…but did not make it to the pool…my knee was yelling at me so I gave it a break….I will be back tomorrow….to do both…I will just give the one knee a little break…food was good…I was under 1000 cal, but I did the unthinkable, I bought 3 pumpkin yogurt….I have been craving all the yummy pumpkin foods that are everywhere, so I had one at lunch, one at dinner, leaving the last one till tomorrow….nope don’t think so, it kept calling my name….so I ate it…so my cal count is 1102…I know your all rolling your eyes going that’s not bad…however, it is for me, to give in to a trigger food and after 6p…so for me I caved….oh well its over and done…on to tomorrow….

And her she is:  Cinderella Lucky Fella… name for my husbands mistress MGB LOL..  pictures are; one with her hard-top and without…I didn’t get any pictures with her new little leather top yet, its not fitting her correctly…notice the other larger mistress, his RV got kicked off its pad to the curb for a while, Cinderella needed room…LOL…she’s fun to drive and since I have lost a bunch of weight I fit perfectly now…hummm   he’s not having anything to do with me taking her out…LOL just glad he has a fun hobby…

IMG_20150906_101900161_HDR IMG_20150906_0948408431

So until tomorrow……


17 thoughts on “CInderella – Lucky – Fella

  1. Love his mistress! My Dad had a white MG when I was a kid and I absolutely loved it. My husband was driving a British Racing Green Austen Healey Sprite when we first met. He still has it out the back in the shed awaiting restoration.
    Well done with your ongoing weight loss and even though you sinned a little, you’ve been doing so well! Take care xx Rowena


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