Another day in Paradise…

12109296_10204904369909039_2524253223549665234_nAnother beautiful sunset off the deck…

Its been another good day in paradise… I sat out on the deck and watched the sun go down slowly, the warm summer evening are over I am afraid….no matter how hot it was  during the day…fall is here….my cactus all have a pretty pink glow about them…cool nights, warm days…..the clouds we have are the top of the storm that LA was hit with…it rained about 20 miles south of us, but all we got were some late afternoon clouds…and by the looks of the news the mudslides have started….I feel for all those in fire areas….from fire to mudslides….gonna make an interesting winter…I-5 is closed southbound going to LA until tomorrow morning…that never happens unless the top of the grade is covered with snow…and its been awhile since that…

I hit the gym at 10a….worked out for 40 minutes on the machines, included 100 abd crunches and a good sweat on the rest….I also tried the treadmill…wow, I used to walk on it at 4.0 a good clip for my short legs, today I got up to 2.0 and went for .3 of a mile….pretty sad….good news my knee didn’t scream…and I haven’t had any problems this evening….yay…so I will start slowly getting my stamina back up…not sure I am going to ever get much over 2.0 with my knee but at least I could stay on longer….then hit the pool…jogged for 20 minutes and swam and did my other water aerobics….only a couple others were in the pool, so it was very peaceful and relaxing…I have given up the water aerobic classes…the teachers can’t seem to keep the group quiet and focused…everything echoes in the room, between the really, really did I say really loud music bouncing off the walls, there is about 6-7 older women that come to talk the entire time, and they don’t ever stop!!! Even in the showers and the entire time they are getting dressed…  I asked one of the instructors about the noise level and her attitude was there was nothing she could do about it, even when I mentioned it was her class to instruct and control…oh well I’m done ranting….I may try the classes on Thursday nights….

I came in at 1032 calories tonight under in the carbs….so food is going great…weigh in tomorrow morning…I am excited to see how this working out…now that I am dealing with more than just calories…so excited about sunrise…LOL

so until tomorrow…..


15 thoughts on “Another day in Paradise…

  1. That instructor should be ashamed of herself … you have now given up a class because she can’t keep control. Shameful. But you are doing so well with the rest – you make me tired just reading your report! I love the weather reports, by the way – teeny bit obsessed frustrated weather girl here in France 😀

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    • its pretty nice, most the time….especially when we get a little more rain…but we live pretty close to everything, the ocean, the redwoods, Reno and Lake Tahoe….pretty spoiled actually ….lol your area is so green and plush…I miss that…kat

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    • I can see the results already are so positive…I went up stairs today and didn’t have to stop at the top and breath….LOL no problem in fact I went up twice!!! that’s huge for me…I still come down 1 step at a time not to put any weight on my knee but that’s a life choice I have made since I do not want to have a total knee replacement..I am noticing my stamina is starting to improve….whooohoooo


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