no gain….no loss

Well its Saturday morning…I rushed in to get on the scale…thinking its been a good week, stayed down in my calories, went to the gym  5 times this week. including the pool…well I am exactly where I was last week…no gain…and no loss…oh well…I will just get back at it…I even waited to weigh in till Saturday as I worked out big time on Thursday and when I got up Friday I was sore and I thought it would be better to wait till Saturday to weigh in…giving my body a chance to calm down…didn’t help…wishful thinking and all that crap…

1 imagesthis is how I felt all week

I am thinking part of it this crazy whirlwind of factoids going on in my head…trying to dissect each morsel going in to my mouth….calories vs carbs, vs proteins, vs fats, vs sugars, fiber and salt….Agggghhhhh was all I could do, so I called the nutritionist back and I am only tracking my calories, carbs and proteins now…..yay and not having to worry a great deal about it, just stay away from sugar and high starch food, which I was already doing…she felt I was on the right track before and didn’t mean to get me all worked into a frenzy…just keep doing what I was doing I have a feeling my lack of weight loss is due to the fact that I was so obsessed with dissecting my food that I forgot to just have fun with it….like she said I was doing something right as I have lost over 60#’s  so just keep doing whatever it is that’s working…so I have given myself permission to do just that…get back to the joy of weight loss, leave the frigin worries behind of what’s in a frigin calorie…

So lesson learned….thanks to everyone who has tried to help me through this craziness of trying figure out what the hell I was doing….I am more savvy for sure about calorie content and how to  choose better foods to eat as a pre-diabetic , the glycemic balance and to eat proteins with carbs,  see I was paying attention to it all…and in retrospect that is exactly what I have been doing…LOL  so lesson’s learned and on with the show, as they say…

Now after all that, I am going out for lunch, been craving spring rolls and my ole standby yellow vegetable curry, hold the rice…this is something I have and count it all so looking forward to that today….

Saturday….hummmm maybe the gym this afternoon and then work on a few projects I have been doing….needle work and I have been working on…and  felting rocks…interesting at best…but not as easy as they u-tube video makes it look….a lot of massaging he dam things…LOL what to finish them up….I have a batch of greens in the fridge that needs to be cleaned and steamed…I love adding them to my omelets and other foods…plus they are exceptionally good for macular….I suppose if I feel up to it, I could shhh don’t say it to loud, vacuum….LOL

hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend….

so until tomorrow…


45 thoughts on “no gain….no loss

  1. Keep up the great work – the scale does not always work in our favor and you may hit a plateau every once in awhile. But don’t let that overthinking brain put you into a frenzy – you are doing great – and keep moving forward! So proud of you! 🙂


  2. It’s so easy to get obsessive about the composition of your intake – I know more than I’d like about that. You’re doing great Kat. There will be times when you slow up but that’s normal. As long as the progress is in the right direction, it doesn’t matter whether it slows from time to time – it’s going the right way and you feel better for it – Go Girl! 🙂


  3. I entirely agree with sonofabeach (love that name, btw) … I’m sure this is a direct corrolation of muscle gain to fat loss. Forget the numbers honey … it’s how you look and crucially how you feel that count in the end xx


  4. Muscle gain and fat loss Kat.
    As all have said.
    PLUS do understand we plateau because the body starts to say hold on a minute, I was getting carbs before and now I’m not, where are they? Okay, if you don’t give them to me I shall simply keep hold of my own stores regardless of what you want to do.
    This is entirely normal and will pass. The main things is not being disheartened and keeping up the great work you have already accomplished.
    You can do it Kat, the massive weight loss so far was NOT a fluke, it was hard work and determination.
    Smash it!


    • good point about the where the f-in is the carbs…LOL and yes hardwork for sure…never giving up just trying to understand…and I love that you all give me back what I can’t think ….LOL thanks that makes perfect sense…


  5. Do not worry about a scale. You can starve yourself at times for a couple of days and you may gain weight. Just do not be a slave to the scale.


  6. Congrats on losing over 60 lbs…I know this is a sensitive question (us women don’t like throwing out numbers) but I’m curious as to how much you weighed before starting your healthy lifestyle? Feel free not to answer if you’re not comfortable with it. Losing that much weight is very impressive and shows your commitment to being fit.


  7. No gain is a win in my books… don’t forget to measure inches too.. muscle weighs more than fat. Your jeans can get bigger and bigger and the scale may not move an inch..


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