12106729_10204921445455917_2377877269605823466_n Another beautiful sunset…I can’t get enough..

Good day besides sleeping in…I have been having a bit of the night owl syndrome…can’t get to sleep until after midnight… up and at em this morning…made a big batch of baked chicken breast and carrots…waited for my husband MD office to open at 10:30, must be nice…anyway made him an appointment and then I was off to the gym…had a great work out…always helps to see your results….makes you push harder and stronger… got a good sweat on and even had a good burn going on my legs….OMG I am using gym talk…LOL  then off to the pool…switched it up a little, doing a good 15 minute jog then 15 minutes of water aerobics and then back to another 15 minutes jog….so I was at the gym for a couple hours today…felt good…

Arthritis is there…I am not sure if loosing weight has caused my hip joint to act up, but I am unable to sleep on one of my hips….not sure why…still working on that one…exercise doesn’t hurt it, more when I lay down…Hummmm….I’ll figure it out…

Food is way better today, even thought I was under my 1000 calories yesterday I was at the high end of the carb range….but today I was low, and high on my protein…yay….but alls good…doing well…

sitting here yawning so heading to bed…

until tomorrow….


13 thoughts on “Monday

  1. As you lose weight, the position of you body alters, your bones and muscles kind of “reset” to where they kind “should be” instead of allowing for carrying excess weight.
    This could be a simple reason for the hip pain. I experience pain in my hips and bak all of the time since losing weight and it is fair to say that it is for the reason above.
    Don’t forget, it took us an age to put on the weight so our body copes with it as it happens slowly, in reverse however, the weight loss you have achieved is nothing short of sensational and I would honestly put a good percentage of the problem down to your changing shape sp quickly.
    Alternatively, you are right. Your arthritis is playing up and I’m talking a load of nonsense!!!

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  2. YES, talk that talk lady… GYM TALK! I love it. Now when you start saying “I FEEL THE BURN” you’ll really have it going on! LOL. Working out is good for the mind, body and soul! …and that picture is beautiful/breathtaking. Also… since my 70 lb weight loss, I can’t sleep on my left side… WOW! I can’t believe you are experiencing the same thing! My + one (I don’t know what else to call him) … who was attempting to be funny (NOT) stated “I didn’t have enough padding anymore!” LOL MEN! WHATEVER!!!
    ~Bridgette 😄


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