Good day….I am at the high end of my calories 1443…but I had a nice day…I also took a day off from the gym since I rocked it yesterday…and my hip needed a day of rest….

we did end up in some furniture stores, my new memory foam mattress will be delivered next week…yay, I laid on way to many beds today…LOL  then I came to the memory foam….the pain went away instantly….so I am hoping that my 8 year old mattress is what is causing my pain…we couldn’t stop there, we came home with a new couch and coffee table so I am a happy camper…

so gym in the morning and then water aerobics and back at it…not much else….just gliding through the days…enjoying the new body that is evolving….

so until tomorrow….


9 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. I’ll bet the bed will be a great addition. Mattresses have a tendency to break down within 6-8 years even though many are warrantied for 20yrs. You are following a path that will likely lead to a wonderful quality outcome. Stay focused, but don’t over do!
    Stay healthy and happy!


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