More melting away…..and I need to learn to count!!

Just a quick early good morning and then we are off to see the wizard……

I needed to do a correction…and to the positive for me, after I posted last night I went back to re-evaluate my food journal, much to great surprise, I had entered in my eggbeaters at an alarming amount!!!   213 calories which would of been a complete container…lol they are generally only 20 to 40 calories…LOL so I need to correct my calorie count for yesterday to 1667….not bad at all, for wolfing down 4 little apple turnovers, they are

f1796be9a9d2188918481f01940d42bd         little rosettes that I made off a pintrest recipe,

not the big old fashion apple turnovers… they were yummy…and pretty….

The better part of this post is that I am down 2 pounds….yeah, making it a 63# loss..I am so happy the scales are moving again…

Uh oh I hear the garbage truck and that means my Liebling will be ready to get it on the road….he couldn’t leave until we had empty cans….God I love my man!!!

So just wanted to give myself a pat on the back and own up to my counting error, this time it was in my favor,  whew!!!   great weekend everyone…

Until tomorrow…I hope



33 thoughts on “More melting away…..and I need to learn to count!!

  1. It’s always nice to hear and see the weight loss, but even more important is the process you follow to achieve better health and weight loss. You are the bomb (if I used the young people’s lingo correctly!) You are showing others that treats CAN be incorporated and that moderate increases in calories can be a reality while losing weight and getting healthy. When it comes from a person who themselves are on the journey it adds so much credibility. Great job!

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  2. The incredible shrinking woman returns! Your Liebling and his dustbins makes me laugh out loud and I WANT those little babies you made …. I’m going to show your picture to my patissiere … I reckon she will add those to her repertoire in a heartbeat (particularly if I tell her she can sell them to the ladies en regime … that’s dieting French style) 🙂


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