Tuesday…..back at it….

Been a good day…I was up early and ready to head to the gym…then my sweetheart wanted to go grocery shopping so quick change back into civilian clothes, lol and off we went….well we got side tracked for several hours at car dealerships…..on our way home from our weekend we stopped at Camping World and fell in love with a travel trailer, and they would give us a great trade in on our RV so off we went head in the clouds, dreaming about all the extra room, and a big double bed and all the luxury of 19′ of home…we have a 19′ RV but we have a motor and cab that take up a lot of the 19′, so we live in a very small RV, but we are not limited to where we can go…..but in a travel trailer we would be limited and would need something to pull it with, so brings us back to this morning…we went to 3 car dealerships, Kia, Nissan, and Ford….all of which, no matter how we added it up would cost us at least 25 grand to walk away from any of the deals…so we passed and are going to be happy with what we have….

so after we got home it was so easy to just get comfortable and forget about the gym, but….out I went…got 30 minutes in on the machines…and then the pool…30 minutes of jogging and another 15 of aerobics…I have to be honest it was a struggle….but I gave it all I could…so I feel better that I went…and will be at it tomorrow….

Food has been good….trying to eat more protein…..I am a little over 1200 calories but feeling good……

Weather is cool, cloudy and damp….my hands and knees are screaming for sun…

IMG_20151018_114557I was stopped by this sign at a school….

11150821_832509750203392_3990628536338804030_n Off Facebook….I enjoyed them

Until tomorrow…..

19 thoughts on “Tuesday…..back at it….

  1. Well, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one who talks themselves in and out of things by common sense. Fo that extra $25k you could increase the size of your RV and carry your entire world around with you!
    Well done for getting back to the gym. I go to mine tomorrow for a meeting to discuss what can be done about my funk. Here’s hoping!
    P.S Loved the little ditties so I downloaded for my Daft folder!


  2. Being happy with what you have… refreshing that people still do this in a world of living beyond our means and instant gratification 🙂


  3. Performing any type of exercise when one does not feel like it – is always a good effort, and afterwards the body and mind feel good. Keep up the great effort and I wish you a good day! 🙂


  4. Oh, Camping World. Could go crazy in there. We have a retro 1972 Fleetwood Wilderness, 16′. It’s small but has everything we need. Sleeps 6, tightly, but there’s only 5 of us so it works. But oh, some of the new ones are pretty great. We only paid $2500 for ours though. Can’t justify the cost of the new ones. Fun to look though.


    • Oh yes the new ones are pretty nice…we have been in more than I want….we recently fell in love with a trailer…but the cons out way the pros…so we will stick with our ol 19 footer…she has everything we need and we can dry camp anywhere being self contained….how much fun an old Fleetwood….they made them like tanks….indestructible….love to see a picture…my brother has an old Winnebago, 7o something….19′, he otre out the inside and rebuilt to there specs…very nice….I like that we can go anywhere and turn on a dime…..nice to have the kids close…you and you wife can always do a tent outside on an air mattress….a little privacy at night never hurts…LOL

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  5. Glad to see your pushed through the workout. I’ll bet you felt better both physically and mentally. It’s a nice feeling to have control over your own decisions! WELL DONE. 🙂
    Something tells me the old RV along with the OLD MAN you travel with will bring many future days of joy and great happiness. The experiences yet to be seen will outweigh the disappointment of not owning a new (expensive) RV.


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