Been a long day….I think I am finally shaking my bug….no fever all day…yay…and the urge for comfort food is subsiding…I hate not feeling well..

I got my new bed…took a nice long nap in it today…so comfy….looking forward to a good night sleep tonight…. my calories are  at 1600 today……on the high side again, I have been mostly sleeping, but when I am up all I want is to snuggle in my robe and eat comfort foods….I am hoping I jump out of bed in the morning and feel like heading to the gym….

My arthritis is doing okay…I have been taking advil or Tylenol every 4 to 6 hours for the past couple days so it is keeping all the arthritic pains at bay….

Nothing else to day…heading to bed…hopefully I will have a good gym report tomorrow and get my calories back down to where I like them…

Until tomorrow

26 thoughts on “Thursday

    • thanks…I had a great night sleep…and woke up feeling full of energy and at the gym before 7:15a… different crowd I loved it…I think the bug has done gone!!! I like to stay around 1000 calories but thanks for the great words and hey I am not beating myself up for eating more this past week…could of been worse…I love comfort food when I feel sick..and not chicken soup….LOL


  1. Hmmm…so I have to find out from your blog that you’re sick. How the tables have turned! Lol. I love you and am glad that you’re feeling better. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. XOXO Happy All Hallow’s Eve Eve!


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