Blogger Recognition…


Thank you Cara    it was very knd of you to choose me, I am moved…..

Nominate 15 bloggers – I nominate you all
Thank the blogger who nominated you, Thanks Cara

Answer two questions:

Why you started your blog – Initially it was a place for me to jot down my journey for weight loss.  I had no idea that there was an entire community of wonderful people out here…..
What is your favorite advise to fellow bloggers – that no matter what is going on in your life, the community you have come to here at WordPress is so full of love, compassion, encouragement and great advise that you are not alone on your journey.  All you have to do is put it out there and you will get responses….


14 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition…

  1. Do you know what Kat, after a long consideration, I have decided that I must become an award free blog. I shall remove my awards from my blog and any wording to that effect. As you said a while ago, you were inundated with them and never used to reply due to time constraints. Well I see now that I suffer these time constraints so I am afraid that as grateful as I am for your nomination, I will not be proceeding as I feel I must protect what little time I have, to the best of my ability.
    I trust this does not impact on our friendship on this blogosphere!
    Take care.


  2. Dear Kat, I have come across bloggers who just have to refuse . Then I came across the once that wish you best thank you and never post the award. I think they are the most kind. You do not have to accept, you do not have to explain, just thank the person and move on. When I was nominated, I forward it to all my followers. Take care Solitaire. Congratulations, awards are part of WP recognition.


    • thanks…I used to never do them…I am not sure why….but just kind of ignored them…now I appreciate that anyone who cares enough to even to look at my blog let alone nominate me something, well I am touched..I rarely nominate anyone, just invite them all like you….I embrace this community in wordpress and am thankful all the encouragement I get…I am thinking this is part of it….thanks…

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  3. i would have ignored mine. I have with ones that were duplicates but new ones I respected and I write a lot. They are harder to find those that will accept them and do the requirements. They can be a pain but they do open you up for new viewers. The sidebar I have has 4 of mine, higher in the sidebar show up on Google or FB. A bit of a pain but I tried many things that failed on my site with next to no help from WP. Hold a few of the nicer ones.


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