Day 4 …..

Day 4 of my personal gym challenge….I was at the gym at 8:30a and in the pool and jogging by 8:35a….got in 20 minutes before the water aerobic class, new teacher….it was okay…I will give her another chance…then I jogged for another 20 minutes, so I got a good pool work out in this morning….tomorrow will be an early day and I will get both the machines and the pool in….

Calories are at 1009….so quota met….and my carbs were 62 and I got my protein up to 88….yay….so I am back on the right track and working at my next goal….

weather has turned wet and cold….I heard on the news that there is 9 inches of snow up on the passes and ski resorts…they are all very excited….hopefully it will continue…we certainly need the rain and snow…mu arthritis is wondering where the sun went….but I am keeping warm….plus the hot tub really helps at the gym…

So until tomorrow…..


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