day 5

I made it to the gym…did my workout until I realized I was not doing myself any good….my right arm and shoulder were throbbing and my arthritic knee was actually screaming at me as a gimped around the different machines….so I did 20 minutes on the machines I could and left….no pool….home to take more Advil and cream… had to laugh at my husband because being surprised I was home early and then even said I thought you are suppose to rest on some days….LOL  someone who won’t step in a gym…LOL I reminded him of my personal challenge and I didn’t realize just how bad my arthritis was until I got there…the weather is doing a cold thing…38′ last night…but I will be back in the pool tomorrow….doesn’t hurt to jog in the pool….in fact I think my body benefits from the movement in the water and then the hot tub… I made it…even got in my 100 abd crunches…so day 5 is in the bag…barely!  YAY

My calories are at 1015 today….so doing well…..

short post….

until tomorrow….

27 thoughts on “day 5

  1. Hard work and dedication is your middle name. Now you can see why everyone doesn’t exercise even though nearly everyone realizes it is important. It truly takes dedication and sacrifice just like most things that are worthwhile in life. Great job!

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    • thanks…glad my middle name had improved from “trouble” LOL I swore unless I was in a hospital I would do this for 7 days….we leave for vacation in 10 days so I might go every day until then…as I we will be gone for 3 weeks…I am working on how to incorporate exercise and RV but I will get it done…LOL thank you for your encouragement….kat

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  2. I understand. I have arthritis among many other things and find that the best exercise for me is walking laps in the pool. I haven’t been able to do it for awhile but it does help. I commend you on your journey. I wish I had the stick-to-it-iveness to do the same.


    • LOL I am excited for you….when we get back from our vacation (3 weeks) I am going to try a zumba class, I spoke to my trainer and she said just do what you can, and stay in the back by the door in case you have to exit…so why not…seems like a fun class…I know I cant do some of the leg moves but hell I can give it a try…kat


  3. Great you are realizing sometimes a break is needed. I was planning the gym today, but I am not feeling well and know I should rest today. Sometimes our bodies tell us what we should be doing. Have a great day! 🙂


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