Day 7 completed

Well I completed day 7 at the gym this morning….worked out for 30 minutes on less weigh and my shoulder never hurt once….I know I didn’t get in as good as workout that I normally do, but hoping to up the weights a little at a time…then into the pool….there was only one other quiet woman there for most of the hour…..I jogged my 20 minutes….swam for about 10 minutes, and did the rest in water aerobics and the turned the jets off in the hot tub and just floated on my back for 15 minutes….so peaceful…no one talking…just silence…a few people coming and going from the sauna but no one talked…..ahhhhhhhh very nice….

good day I ate 1350 calories today….I munched on popcorn this evening…. very happy with myself, I completed my first gym challenge….and it wasn’t even hard LOL

well its late and I can’t stop yawning…..

so until tomorrow


29 thoughts on “Day 7 completed

  1. Reading about someone else’s accomplishments somehow makes starting a new day better. That positive note helps inspire others to accomplishment their personal goals. Well Done!


  2. Have you found yourself eating less meat during your health journey? The last three times I’ve eaten one of my favorite food (barbecue ribs) I’ve gotten sick….last night I even vomited. Makes me wonder if my body is starting to reject meat…or at least red meat. Have you experienced anything like this before?


    • I really don’t eat very much meat generally…I was a vegan for 9 years before vegan every came about..LOL but I do eat some daily, and turkey these days….the only thing I notice food wise, anything with sugar, candy, etc….makes me sick to my stomach…or anything with processed ingredients also make me nausea…it could of been the BBQ sauce that was on the ribs….its generally full of hidden ingredients…sugar, and that kind of stuff….kat


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