Down by One

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Well I jumped out of bed and ran to the scale at 5:30a… weight loss…what..??  I went back to bed shaking my head wondering what was up with that…oh hum….drifted off to sleep until 8a…so I was up changing sheets and dealing with life and I walked by the scale scowling at it, I heard it say go head try it again….so I kicked off my slippers, took off my robe, made sure my phone was off my body….surprised I didn’t strip…LOL  I stepped on the teaser and low and behold I was down 1#… I finished my bed making with a lighter step and stopped and told the scale I was sorry for the name calling earlier…LOL  So the weight loss is at 64#’s…..I am not sure why it has slowed down, well lets be honest I did take over a week off and then just really got back at it…and I am so happy with the results I have so far, I fit in booths, I am back into clothes that have been in boxes at the top of my closet for years…I have great stamina and strength once again…and just the over all feeling of health I have is so wonderful…..I am thinking I need to refine my eating once again….get away from the higher carbs foods and fruit  and get back to more protein based food.  I just made myself a ground turkey-kale meat loaf and stuffed some bell peppers with zucchini and mushrooms….layered with parmesan cheese…in a marina sauce….so that will be my meals this next week…then off in the RV…..So overall I am very happy and grateful for how far I have come…I don’t want anyone to think I am not grateful for where I am at, I am by leaps and bounds thankful…So I will weight next Friday before we leave and then not until we get back…I will continue to stay under 1500 calories and exercise on the road, I am taking my hand weights and have a routine worked out…not to do it is the next step…LoL…my next goal is 250# and I am only 12# away…I am hoping to be close when I get back….there I said it out loud, so now I will have to really work on it…LOL

Food is okay today….we went to a Chinese restaurant and I had my old stand-by chicken curry…yum…..with fried rice and I splurged on steamed pork bun…..they make the best one in the county…but there is my problem…to many carbs…..hummm  I can see my problem…


My arthritis is better…I really think the pool and the hot tub are healing….my shoulder is not 100% pain free but it is better…..achiness is way better…..

On to the weekend…..enjoy everyone….kat

33 thoughts on “Down by One

  1. Don’t worry about the scale number tomorrow. Chinese food is loaded with salt which means high water retention. Usually takes 2-3 days to shed. As long as you know what to expect a temporary weight increase should not be an issue. Bodies do plateau. Don’t let this discourage you. Even bodies need a break from weight loss so they can return to the process more efficiently upon recovering. Stay focused on the process. If you know you are doing the right thing, the benefits will continue to be enormous.

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  2. Little by little you are edging towards your goal. And on the way you have gained strength both bodily and mindful you have energy to burn and above all things you are enjoying life and revelling in being you. AND you are motivating your readers alongside you. Be proud lady moonshine. Be very very proud 🙂


      • Ive accidentally done it and had it done to me. I have had 5 ppl this week that liked a bunch of my posts and a minute later they are a follower and do not have an acct. One was anonymous and the other said no name. I do not know how this happens. Plus I can’t get rid of people with dead accounts or have had posted since May.


      • I have had that happen…I give people a couple months and if I can’t get in to there blog I unfollow I do know that there are ways to evoke privacy on your blog, not sure how…but I have had it happen, follow someong..chit chat back and forth and then boom you need a password….no sweat off my back…unfollow…LOL I enjoy this community of diverse people and I love that I can be totally me on her, like it or not options to follow or not…love it….

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      • Yea someone went private on me in July and I can’t get rid of her. Then again I would like to add a stati footer with a copyright and directions are recent but not for my theme. My stuff has turned a lot of heads the last month and a half. I would think if you unfollow someone for an extended time they would fall off. I have around 50 ppl that have dead accounts, no posts in months or even an account. I want my follower numbers to be active.


      • me too…I am not sure how to delete them….when you click on the reader on the right top side there is a manage to click on, I haven’t gone in and checked it out but I would think there would be a way to delete them in there….let me know if you fiqure it out…could always send a ??? to WP….kat

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      • I just did it showed a few sites. I would have to do a url search. I am unlike most ppl. I do not subscribe posts by email. Many people do.


      • ok so not in the reader bc i saw that there the three dots. But I am following a lot of people. I went directly to someone’s site and saw the name, the three dots allow2 changes in getting emails for posts and comments but there is an red x that deletes them. I did that for a dead site. I will have to write down all the dead site names and get rid of them. I did not realize I could manage the emails sent. I have only followed a few people by email and always wondered how people immediately respond to my posts before I can even edit it. I thought it was bc of my categories and tags. If I get rid of 50 I will have a much easier time and be well below 200.


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