Not a lot difference in yesterday and today in my life…

I did go to the gym and worked out and did my pool gig….felt good and I got lucky and hit the pool with hardly anyone there…yay so much more peaceful when everyone isn’t yaking and reverberating off the I sound like a old bitch or what !!!!..I did try the zumba class….hahahahaha that’s what my body said after only 5 minutes….It would of been better if I could of found a corner to get into the groove at my own pace…but the room was packed and more and more people kept coming and I was obviously having difficulty getting into the step grove (my first time and all)…up and back and side to side….a couple ladies around me were sighing heavily when I missed the going up part as they were stuck behind me…LOL  so I slid out the door and my body immediately said it was about time!!!!  lol  not quite at the zumba level yet….maybe at home with a video first….my had a good work out and actually upped the weights a little on the machines….no pain in my shoulder or arm so that was good…..however today my shoulder and arm are aching…I think its from the weather however….cold and damp out, were waiting for showers this afternoon…nothing Tylenol and arthritic cream can’t help….no gym today…kids day…at the pool plus my shoulder/arm is killing me….

So home today trying to keep warm….thinking about what I could bake (heat up the house idea)  without carbs involved….a big hunk of meat I suppose….agghhhhh I made turkey meatloaf yesterday….I guess I could bake my Libeling some baked potatoes for lunch..

Not much else happening in my life….a little of this and a lot of that…getting piles together for the trip and tying up loose ends…..

My calories intake yesterday was 1036….and my carb was 33 grams….yay   I woke up this morning to my tummy growling…that felt excellent….getting back to where I like….so I will go rummage through the freezer to see what I can come up with to bake….Happy Sunday to you all…..kat


36 thoughts on “Sunday…..

  1. Apparently my sunday has come to an end. But that indeed a nice way to spend ur day. Nothing like enjoying alone in the pool. Seems like you are into fitness 🙂 Keep going 🙂
    Have a great day and a great week ahead 🙂


      • Ok….go to reader, manage….all your followers should come up in a list…click on one you want to unfollow… the upper tight hand corner the word FOLLOW shows that you are infact following that blog…click it to unfollow….go back to your list and it should be gone…mine are…..good luck….kat


      • I tried 2 browsers. I do not get that option. I am following 900 people. Then it goes alphabetical. Earlier I hit the x next to their name. They disappear from the reader number but they have stayed in my following list even though I put unfollow in them and went to the site and reported them as spam and to remove. My numbers did not go down using 3 methods but the ones I hit an x in within reader are gone only there.


      • Im on a free site to. In reporting their sites, over 20 of them and I got a silly answer. Oh just unfollow them we can’t take them off and keep them from viewing you. I wrote back saying I want to get rid of non existing sites and people not posting. When I write to help at wp I get no answers. I saw I could x them out and it merely reduced my reader numbers.


      • so know when I went in yet again to my reader, manage and the list came up, now there is an X on the right side of there name and I hit that and they go away…no longer on the list…that wasn’t there before…I believe the WP is constantly changing there settings….oh well….gotta let it go I guess….

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      • I have everyone I follow there, the ones I xed out are gone there but managing my actual people I am following and following me , there is not option for that. I got rid of over 20 and my insights reads the same


      • can’t give you anymore…sorry…I don’t sweat he small stuff just work around it…its the internet…run by people and I am pretty sure from what I have encountered no one does it the same ever….LOL

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      • Id like to have the space. I go through all my followers manually.I have checked to get emails when someone posts for many people and have never received one. WP just does not do what it is supposed to when it comes to me I guess


  2. I haven’t gotten up the courage yet to try Zumba. Maybe it’s because I have two left feet. Good for you for giving it a go! I’m feeling the cold here as well and its not very pleasant. Lots of Aleeve and a heated blanket. I’m only into baking if I don’t have to clean up the mess! Lol


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