Thank You…..

imagesWCCRCCRU Great big Thank You to you all for your support and caring….it really does make a difference…..

The bakeries were calling my name all over town today !!!  All I could do is laugh and say no way !!!  I had to be out and about for part of the day and it was very much apparent my subconscious hadn’t forgot all my old haunts…I have to say it was never even a worry though…so happy to be back in the grove…my calorie count is under 1000 and my food was all natural and extremely healthy….yay….no stress today…just getting it together for our little road trip….I am not sure if It was something I did or the sugar I ate yesterday but my knee had been screaming all day, even on medication and cream…so no pool or gym to day….I am going to try in the morning…it will depend on how loud my knee is screaming…

So all’s good and back on track here at my house….

Until tomorrow…..


21 thoughts on “Thank You…..

  1. Glad to hear you’re back on track – you’re doing awesome! I hope the knee starts calming down soon. I know how much of a hindrance that can be, not to mention the pain itself. Be gentle with you. 🙂


  2. Good for you for staying on track, Kathy! I swear, I’ve recently gone cold turkey off a certain food that I’m addicted to and it’s been a hard two weeks thus far. It’s good that you can laugh the cravings off like that, I feel like I’m addicted to a hard drug cuz the thoughts and cravings just wont go away. I need to find a support group somewhere lol

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    • yes I think its one of the hardest habits to kick as we have to eat….and grew up getting satisfaction from food….very hard…but I really only enjoyed the vegan pumpkin pie yesterday the other was just because….LOL


  3. One of my good friends here is the patissiere, Martine. When we first met I told her that although I might indulge very occasionally when my husband is here with me, I hoped she would understand that I can’t so much as look at a pastry without resembling a blimp balloon. This has proved my salvation. I walk past the shop every day, chat with her often and sometimes look like I may crumble and dive into the delights in her display counter. She always shakes her head sternly and says I must remain ‘en ligne’ otherwise she will have my husband to answer to! Step away from the pastries I say – and you do! No thanks needed – I may not actually ever have met you but my goodness i am proud to know you!


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