Liebster Award

Thank you Velvet @   for nominating me for this award! I love your blog, if you haven’t checked it out please do….

My questions are:

  1. How long have you considered yourself a “writer”?
    1. I am not sure I can say I am a writer….I enjoy blogging, and use this platform for journaling my weight loss and meeting other bloggers and enjoy what they are up to…but I do not get up in the morning and think about writing…..
  2. What are three things that you  absolutely love about your current life?
    1. I love my husband….I love the adventures that we are constantly taking together…keeps life exciting.. and the fact that my children are happy and in love and enjoying their lives…
  3. Favorite dessert? Can be more than one. Details plz 🙂
    1. my mother used to make a pot of blueberries, like a thick soup, with sweet dumplings cooked on top and then eat with either ice cream or cream…yummmm  and of course nothing better than home made chocolate cake with thick creamy ganache frosting….oh yeah I really good carrot cake….and there ate so many more…homemade strawberry shortcake with sweet strawberries and home made whip cream,  scones with thick cream and home made jam….the list is endless..
  4. Choose between biking alongside water just before sunset OR taking a walk on the beach barefoot, and why..
    1. walking on the beach barefoot always…first its the closest you can be with nature…therapeutic in multiple ways, spiritual, mentally, physically and emotionally…for many years I used to go to the ocean on Christmas morning and walk barefoot on the beach and in the water…no matter the temperature….my kids would always be at their dads home and I was alone, so it became a Christmas ritual for years….
  5. What’s your opinion of rain?
    1. I also love walking in the rain…especially on the beach…strip down to your undies and let it wash all the stress from your body…..standing in the rain with your face looking us so the raindrops  hit your flesh….makes you feel alive….
  6. If you could choose any food to eat every day for life, what would it be and why? … and if you aren’t doing so,  why don’t you already? 😉
    1. fresh French bread with real butter dipped in morning coffee…one of my most favorite combinations of foods…reasons speak for themselves why I am not eating it every day….calories, calories and calories….LOL
  7. If you were to die shortly after reading this, would you be okay with that? Why or why not?
    1. I will never be ready to leave my children, with that said, I would make it okay….
  8. Describe what it’s like to love something or someone.
    1. pure joy….over whelming sense of fulfillment and pure bliss
  9. Name one of your earliest memories.
    1. not sure how old I was, maybe 3 or less….my sisters hid my Easter basket and left me eggs and candies to find it, it was in the dryer….another would be family time in the front yard…paying and running in the black berry patch…..
  10. Describe a reoccurring dream you’ve had throughout life. If you can’t remember dreams, maybe name a reoccurring theme in your life.
    1. I still have this dream a couple times a year….I am walking on a narrow ledge on the Grand Canyon walls about half way down, trying to scurry, for a better word to the end as there is no other way out as I am to high up to jump and to far down from the top to climb out the steep cliffs….there is a giant spring, like a metal slinky, coming towards me slowly…it is as big as the entire canyon and as it springs forward it is taking out the ledge I am standing on….and it is doing it this very slowly and methodically…I wake up right before it springs forward to take out my ledge….this dream started when I was in the teens…and has continued off and on since…
  11. Do you believe in the proverb “Walk with the wise and become wise” (Proverbs 13:20) ?
    1. yes, it is worth striving for in ones life time…

Again…Thank you Velvet for this honor *******

I am touched you thought of me…..I nominate everyone as I believe you all are worthy……please answer the same questions as they are excellent…



24 thoughts on “Liebster Award

      • I see it all you had to do was put a link on my name. You can edit it easily. You hi lite my name and go to my homepage or a post and get the url and go back to your post and either grab your url and post itto my post, my home page or your post. You can do similar to people you nominate as well. I will reblog it. You can update it. I did not put nominees in the post so there is not any pressure to do so but if you nominate them copy your post url and notify them by pasting the award in a recent post.


      • The Epic Awesomeness award I found, I gave to 25 ppl with limited questions. Just topoit back to me. Eery follower I havehas it and many got it from ppl I do not know and it’s been 8 days for well over 200 ppl to get it that I know of


      • You could have. I do not think I nominated you for it but I saw someone else did I think. I have gone through people’s posts that nominate me and others than do not tell them. I have ignored those.


      • its all a little confusing sometimes when it comes to the awards….I try to start a quick draft post so I don’t forget but not always able to do that and I don’t remember this kinda of stuff…LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      • You can also set up a person or people with a link by hi liting their name, go to their page, hi lite the url and go back to their name and use the link in the editor and it brings up the info and youpaste the page, click open up in a new window and hit add link and you have hyper links on your post that are clickable. Just make sure if you do that you ensure that if you do many to match people properly.


      • thanks…I will have to give that a try…..I believe your link came up light blue so people just have to click on it to get to you….but then I just hit the reblog button…LOL I am not very electronically inclined….but I try…..kat


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