Yes another old Liebster…

Thank you Paul….I love this way of doing this award and thanks for waiting till I got back….I have re-blogged your post on my site….if you haven’t checked out Paul’s blog I suggest you go see what he’s up too…I enjoy following his site he re-blogs many interesting bloggers on his site

December 4, 2015

Yes another old Liebster…


Similar to The Epic Award I gave to 25 people I figure this will hit the road quickly. As I have literally seen 200 plus people get it by people I nominated. I know some people are not into awards but I have this and 2 more I am holding on to in order to give.

Simple rules have you and all of your nominees point the award back to me. No big deal if you know how to. Then pick as many or as little people as you wish to have this rare award. Fear not rules as I have banished as only I can…

Merely talk about your other awards, who gave them to you if you have the information. Mention me and link me and tell others to do so as well. I am actually not going to put in a normal nomination award with a post and have your name on it. Rather I am just going to copy it to a recent post. If you have not been posting or responding regularly to me or others you should not be nominated. The Epic Awesomeness Award I made has 100s of people that do not know who I am. Please give them your name and link as well as mine and ask them to pay it forward. As far as questions, I authorize you to make up any that you wish. Please have it sent back to me thank you.

I am giving my self permission not to write any questions…thanks again Paul for thinking of me……Kat


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