Weigh day….

Just found this in my drafts….I believe I was to wrapped up in my awards and forgot to publish this…..but I will take credit for Fridays post…..

As I said, I got up and weighed in this morning….took a real deep breath, held it and stepped on the scale….got off quickly and got back on to make sure what I was seeing was real….I lost 4#’s….yay…..so grand total of 67#’s….I was a little stressed that I didn’t loose as my calorie intake was 1500 to 2000 daily….but I was literally working my ass off..LOL  I have never been afraid of work….so I believe that was my saving grace…had I minded my calorie quota I imagine I would of lost more…..anyway I am thrilled…..I am finally in the 250’s…..so getting closer to my next goal…250 and then I will reset my goal limit…..I am so jacked its not funny…..

my calorie count is on target today…staying under the 1200 calorie quota…would like to be closer to 1000 calories but I have upped it to 1200 max….have not made it to the gym yet….maybe in the morning….we went grocery shopping in a down pour….been raining all day here…no complaints but its wet and cold….finished the laundry and did some bookwork getting the bills in order for Yuma….so I am off here to make a big pot of soup…..so until later….kat


21 thoughts on “Weigh day….

  1. You’re doing fantastic. I would feel better if you stayed closer to the 1200 number rather than the 1000 calorie number ESPECIALLY if exercising. I do not want your metabolism to slow down if an effort (ironically) to prevent your body from burning calories. Finding the MAXIMUM (not minimum) calorie allotment that revs up the metabolism to BURN MORE CALORIES MORE EFFICIENTLY creates better results than attempting to reduce the calorie intake as low as possible. Commonly 1300-1600 calories (based on what you’ve relayed through your posts) provides the body an increased source of energy and the nutrients necessary for recovery and repair. I know it sounds counter intuitive. Regardless of any advice I offer, always rely on your instincts. I always say the best doctor resides within our bodies. Congratulations again on your ongoing efforts to achieving a healthier and happier life!


    • thanks…I seem to be closer to 2000 the last couple days….I am having trouble with stress…..hummmm I am going to try to go without carbs tomorrow…and get the carbs out of my system….its so easy to fall back in to old bad habits….and carbs are always at the toot of it…..


      • its more about the stress of moving at this time….so easy to fall back into the old eating habits to help me deal with stress….woke up this morning with a new attitude….it will be one hour at a time today….being a food-a-holic is a terrible debilitating mental disease…..am I using this as a cop out…I am not sure…but its always been the biggest problem I have ever had to face,,,,and no matter how much you think your in control, add the stress back in and bham you have fallen back into old patterns….getting back at it today!!!

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    • I appreciate all your advice and take it all to heart….thank you for caring…by the way how;s your father getting along?? I think about him every now and then, especially when I see an older man by himself…..just askin…..kat

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      • Thank you for all your thoughtful concerns. He is coming along well. He is gradually accepting the reality and moving forward with life. He just celebrated #89 two days ago. He is quite a man.


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