Well it has begun….its been happening for several days…I have started a staging area in the dining room..the poor dog is wondering what the hell!!   I feel for her…poor baby….Today has been another good day….busy cleaning and washing items that I am taking….what to take… what to leave….I am not going to like having my stuff in 2 places….a little at a time is what my husband keeps telling me….so I trudge on….thought I would share a picture of my home….I will have that cleared out next week…we are starting to load the RV and starting a stack for the movers….I have to keep  my house in some sort of order until after Christmas and then I can get crazy….LOL

Been am okay food day…another MD appointment done for my husband, 2 more to go…. I have a few in the next 3 weeks…weather is raining, well drizzling and just damp!!  They keep saying the rain is coming, but we are still waiting…

Not much else going on….so until tomorrow


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  1. Time and patience is the key. You sound tired with all the work. I don’t blame you. Everything will work out and you will be pleased with the outcome. Take is slow. Don’t wear yourself out before the holidays.
    Stay healthy and happy.


    • thanks…yes its starting to take a toll and now I have a date I need to be there for the flooring…so its all coming together and will be over soon…..I am enjoying the holidays and making it easy peasy….LOL


    • No we are keeping this home in Californina, my cousin has agreed to move in and rent it….so we are able to pick and choose what we take….we only have to leave 1 bedroom empty for her which is lovely….as I have one as my office and the other is my husbands so we can load them to the hilt and we have the upstairs to store extra stuff…so that’s all good…however we are committing to a full year in the desert…my husbands COPD is soooo much better there, very low humidity….we are at 100% here in Northern Cal…its been raining since we got home….YAY we need it but makes for damp breathing….I am headed back on Jan2 and hubby to follow in the middle of the month after the movers come…and he finishes his MD appointments…we love our doctors here and will not be giving them up…..and thanks I hate moving…I remember declaring I would never move again…ha ha ha….

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