Sunday….sigh of relief

isWC3J2RI3Well woke up to rain, wind and the feeling of Christmas….its nice to have real winter weather…LOL   I suppose to get up and take my mermaid niece to the pool…we aborted those plans and went Christmas shopping instead and out for lunch…spent a couple hours wondering through stores and leaving with nothing until we came to Cost Plus….my favorite store…LOL  Found lots of nothing that I needed of course…and my niece found a few things for herself…then rounded off the afternoon with lunch with my son and his wife….lots of fun….

Food has been okay today…still eating to many calories for my liking but I am journaling and keeping track…and keeping it healthy…just a little to much….can’t put my finger on why I am eating to many calories, perhaps its the cold weather, the aches and pains, or the stress card comes into this….reality I am leaving my kids whom I have lived by their entire lives….emotional eating….but, I am only 11 hours away…a days drive, there’s Skype and they both have there own lives and spouses with whom they have built wonderful lives with…I couldn’t be a more happy and proud mother, they have found their soul mates….isn’t that why we raise our kids….to be the best they can and find true love….apron strings are difficult to cut….I have to think I have had the best of all worlds living in the same town with them for as long as I have…my daughter did move to England in her college years, my son recently came back from a long trip all over Europe to announce that they move to Germany….my daughter and her husband have future plans to live in Venice and then on canal boats in England…what wonderful goals and dreams they have….I could only hope they all come true…..As far as my husband and I….we really are excited about this purchase and seeing if it makes a difference for his health…all we can do to make his life easier to breath….plus what a bonus to be able to enjoy both the desert of the southwest and Northern California beauty…my level of excitement to explore a new chapter in my life trumps all else….wow I just stopped and realized I think I have found the reason for my stress eating…LOL  hard to let go of the “mommy is here for you” syndrome…but its time for mommy!!!!   YAY   time to have some fun and live….after all….time is flying by and its all about being happy…!!! Will I miss the kids….more than they know….do I think we will have a better relationship….without a doubt…it will be more focused, and we will enjoy the time we are together…


Wow glad I got that off my chest…that is one of the reasons I blog…I am able to get it out, put it out there and then its no longer eating at me…so maybe I won’t have to eat to get rid of the feeling…and maybe I can sleep now too…



Thanks for listening and letting me vent…..Ahhhhh big sigh!!!

Until tomorrow or the next day…..

24 thoughts on “Sunday….sigh of relief

  1. A desire to help others is always best achieved by proving you can help yourself first. You have come so far and should be so proud of yourself. When “things” come up and alter new healthier patterns in life we create, we have a tendency to fall back into patterns of the past. You are doing a good job fighting this trend. Have you ever considered journaling your feelings to release the emotions in a positive manner? I also encourage your exercise to be a morning event to “get it done” especially this time of year. Lots of excuses are found that interfere with exercise. You’re still tracking the quality and quantity of food which remains an important component to continue successfully achieving a healthier and happier person. In general, I think with all factors in life taken into account you’re doing remarkably well. Wishing you the happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons.


    • thanks for the great encouragement…it did help to journal last night, I woke up feeling a huge weigh lifted off my heart….called guilt…I am fighting the old ways….man its easy to fall back in to the ole ways…thanks for the encouragement….I really appreciate you have my back….XX


  2. You follow that path, the one for your health and happiness. the children will follow no matter where you go. I know when I am stressed I turn to the bad foods. Trying to stay healthy is a constant battle, consistency is the key. Good luck, life is too short, we must live it large. Have a great day.


  3. Kat, what a great post this is – such a pleasure to read. I know you are a great mom, and I with 3 grown kids of my own, totally understand your feelings. Good luck in your next chapter, I look forward to reading more. Hope your day is a happy one! 🙂


  4. Moving can be exciting and stressful, especially when having to move away from the ones we love. My kids are still young enough that I don’t need to worry about that yet, but I remember moving away from my parents and how tough that was. My dad jokes that me and my mom “need to cut the cord” because we talk almost everyday and are very close, dispite the distance. I’m sure once you get settled you’ll find the distance isn’t really an issue. You just find other ways to stay connected. You’ve done your job raising them and now it’s your time, so enjoy!


  5. Wow, you hit a nerve there. I’m still clinging to my kids for dear life. Every now and then I imagine Husband and I having a whole weekend away together and I start to dream of another life.
    It sounds as if you’re kids are really something to be proud of and now you have a whole new nest to feather.
    Be kind to yourself!


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