swimming_symbol_211144Well I was up and in the pool by 6:30a I took the advice from Jonathan @   to get it done early in the morning… that’s exactly what I have did….felt good.   Water was warm and inviting…I will be back there tomorrow….I did my 20 minutes of jogging and water aerobics then literally soaked in the hot tub…I also gave me month notice so I will try to utilize it everyday until I leave….Thanks Jonathan…..I have started exercising at home again, doing my crunches and leg lifts….feels good to be back at it…and my calories are under 1000 at this moment, I may have a cup of tea but done eating for the day….its time I get control again….finally…

Arthritis is just that, arthritis in the cold winter months, achy, swollen, painful joints….using creams, Advil and my wonderful gloves that help with the painful joints….the water felt great on the joints, my knee is wondering what the hell happen to it, LOL  a little work out…good for it…my shoulder is also reminding me that its not happy….

Last night we had a sampling of German food I have never made, spaetzel, egg noodles, they turned out wonderful….they were a little under seasoned but the consistency was perfect…while I was in Long Beach last summer at the kite festival, there was a wonderful store with all sorts of wonderful items in it and I found a spaetzel maker device..

IMG_20151216_161717561my new spaetzel maker

so that part of Xmas dinner is done, the rouladen meat is already cut and in the freezer waiting to be rolled up in yumminess….and I made my daughters wonderful carrots she made a couple years ago for a holiday dinner so, check, check those turned out….I am getting excited to have an intimate family dinner….

Pretty frigin sad that my new spaetzel maker is the big news at my house…LOL

Stay Warm and be jolly…HO HO HO…kat





21 thoughts on “Finally….

  1. I’m going to have to google Spaetzal….not familiar with that dish! The utensil looks a bit like a cheese grater 😀 Glad to see ya getting back on track, calorie-wise. The big test will be Christmas Day…or are you taking it easy that day?

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  2. A spaetzel? Never heard of it before, Kat! As far as big news, I felt the same way when my ceramic cookie sheets came in. I was like Steve Martin in “The Jerk” when the new phone books came in.


  3. Glad to see you back in a healthy routine. I know it will put a smile on your face. Nice to see you’re having fun with your cooking as well. Keep up the great effort through the challenging holiday season.


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