Monday – Rain – Wind – Quotes

winter in scotland

Winter in Scotland…breathtaking

Me-Oh-My….tis’ really winter here….its been raining for 24 hours and our patio has once again become Lake Meyer, and the wind is making sure you get good and wet if you step outside…And Monday to boot for those who had to go to work this morning…I was glad I didn’t have a thing to do today except stay warm!!!

So I think I have packed everything I can until I get ready to leave, I finished off 2 more boxes this morning….I still have Christmas dinner to cook so some of the pots and pans will go in a box after Friday, then its all about my personal stuff and the dog and I am off….can you tell I am a little excited about getting down there to get the ball in motion….ordered my internet this morning and set up an installation date, spoke with my brother and lined up some time for him to help me get a couple things done before the floor goes in since my sweetheart will still be here…my list are getting checked off and consolidated…that’s helps the mind clear up a little….                                                                                                                          I called and set up a gym…hard to believe there is only 2 gyms with pools in the entire Yuma area…even the YMCA doesn’t have one, as I scratch my head thinking that’s crazy…sun, heat….you would think that they would all have pools…but only 2…so the one I am going with is a full gym, huge pool and its a  month to month and no sign up fee or cancellation fee…so bonus on that…and its only about 3 miles from my house, I could actually ride a bike to and from so that’s something I am thinking about getting in the future…so looking forward to getting back into a routine including the gym…I have given up going back to the gym here, with all the bugs going around I don’t feel I can put my husband at risk, hell I won’t even let him out of the house…LOL  staying away from the public areas….

Four days to Christmas, then seven days to my birthday…I am a New Years Baby….first baby of Washington State in 1957…..seems like so long ago…turning 59….I can remember when I thought 59 was really old…LOL  I have one more year to get my weight down to under 200’s, my final goal…after I reach that milestone, I am sure I will want to continue to loose, but I will be dancing for sure!!!


Calories seem to be adding up each day above my allowed quota…trying to keep it under control….but the holidays, not that I am using that as an excuse, its just the plain fact, goodies are coming in the front door daily…Aghhh  I don’t have the heart to throw them in the garbage, and I can’t refuse them….oh I see, yes I could pass and not eat them….LOL  but that hasn’t happened yet…LOL  all the yummie little morsels that only come out at Christmas, fudge, the little coconut ones, and zucchini bread, my cousin brought over a tester strudel last night…she has been helping us finish the food in  our freezer…LOL  finally cooked the last chicken last night…I am pretty sure that she thinks all we eat is chicken, potatoes and carrots..LOL  so needless to say it could be better, I could be better, .ahemmmm big sigh…..I am not beating myself up over the over indulgent but I could try to be better….

So its also the second day of the 3 day quote challenge so:


22 thoughts on “Monday – Rain – Wind – Quotes

  1. Sounds great! Busy by giddy. I always feel like that before a big trip. Must be ten-fold to be getting ready for a move to a second/vacation home. I can’t wait! I’m workin my way towards livin that dream. Glad for you that you guys are getting to. Cheers my friend! 😃


  2. Integrity is a wonderful trait to have! And I really love that first picture, it is so pretty! I hope the wrapping up of this year is awesome for you. 🙂


  3. I like the quotes.
    I agree with you not to beat yourself up, however, creating compromises is another form of self empowerment and leads to better self discipline. Before you receive any food gifts, make a commitment on how much and how often you are going to eat these foods. This helps with realistic situations during the holiday season while creating some boundaries (self imposed) to protect yourself from over indulging. I have found this useful with my patients. I hope you find it helps.


    • I love it….I have already come to the conclusion that I will not, will not, will not touch another home made Christmas candy…with the exception on home made fudge….I will allow my self 2 pieced of this and destroy the rest….silly me, I have worked so hard to get here and am risking gaining even single pound!!! Shame on me….on ward to the New Year and health….thanks for all the encouraging words and help….I love how we all help each other…thank you…..very much…


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