Soon to be Christmas Past..

As my Christmas day nears its end…I sit here, in the quiet of my home, remembering the wonderful day we had….good food, wonderful company, and lots of laughter…having the family together on this blessed day, well, lets say it did my heart good…there was much joy and love shared between us all, as my daughter wrote, she felt BBB, Blessed Beyond Belief….that sums it up perfectly!!!   Dinner was delicious, dessert was decadent, and the champagne flowed freely all day….I am truly blessed to have this wonderful family…

So now that the day has come and we enjoyed, the dishes are done, the tree and lights have been put away carefully for next year…..the decorations put back in there boxes to await another season…with Christmas put away, the starkness of the empty walls and bareness all around is really showing….Its really happening, I am moving to Yuma for real!!!   Reality!!!!  Get ready…because here it comes….

Now the real work starts…..time  to finish up the packing, check the list to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything…..I have the pile ready for the Salvation Army on Monday, we are donating all our extra furniture that we never used….and a few other items that have been hanging out in the closet for years… the pile for the movers seems to be getting bigger….we keep adding items to it….less for us to move…its starting to feel real like its going to really happen….its been surreal up till now… cousin brought lots of boxes today when she came over…feels strange to think in a week I will be gone…big sigh….dry the tear that has fallen from my eye…its all good….and a new journey to be had….

I Hope this Has Found that everyone had as Wonderful Christmas As I Have….. Now it Time to move On to the New Year!!!!

Happy Holidays……kat


7 thoughts on “Soon to be Christmas Past..

    • yes very mixed emotions….I have never lived away from the kids…even though I don’t really see them much, they have their own lives, I know they were near….and then on the other hand I am very excited to do something different with out lives….one minute tears next minutes overwhelming excitement….LOL

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