Woke up this morning and found this in my follows….how nice to know you were thinking of me yesterday….Thank you Pearly….I am touched…


My first Sunshine Award….whooo hoooo !!!
I was nominated by Pearly….she has a great blog…a little of whimsical, and fun to follow, please visit her at:  https://designinglife01.wordpress.com/

☆Award Rules:
•Thank the person who nominated you – check-check
•Answer the questions from your nominators – check-check
•Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions – as you all know I nominate you all…

☆11 questions for nominee are:
1. How was your Christmas celebrations?                                                              My children, their spouses, my cousin and husband….couldn’t of been any better…much joy and happiness by all……

2. This winter prefer jackets or long coats?                                                              I am a shawl kinda gal….

 3. What is your favorite food?                                                                             Fresh fruit – peaches, strawberries, raspberries, pretty much anything with the word “berry” in it…LOL

4. What is your best quality?                                                                                        I believe its my positive outlook on life, I try to always show a kind smile and helping hand if I can…I am a true believer in Karma!!

5. Tell us your one bad habit?                                                                                      I swear way to much….its a nasty habit that has had me in trouble more than once….!!!

6. Which is your favorite sport?                                                                                    I like the finale of any sport, when the best of the best for that year come together to battle it out….love the Super Bowl, Olympics, World Cups, Bowling Championships…..the competition at the highest level of play is great to watch…

7. Which is your favorite month?                                                                           Oh my, I love all the seasons for sure….my favorite month….Hummm  I would have to say  June, my Anniversary month, married to the love of my life…a time to reflect on our life together and celebrate…

8. Your favorite T.V show?                                                                                            I like the BBC shows,  I enjoy all there comedies…I also enjoy the cooking shows and competitions…Judge Judy has to be added to the list….pretty much addicted to court reality shows…

9. Which book you reading these days?                                                                    I have a kindle ( I know all my writer friends, don’t cringe) my son bought me last year for my birthday, there at least 8 books on it at any given time…a few of the books on it today are:  low carb book,  gardening in the desert, I love series so I have a series going about Ireland by O’Malley open on my kindle, a book about infused waters naturally, a little of everything ! For Christmas/Birthday my son and his wife bought me the full books of The Wizard of OZ and Emerald City of Oz, each book has 5 books in it….so I have some reading to get through…Its one of my favorite movies….

10.  Your favorite place to spend time alone?                                                    Hands down, in nature, the beach, mountains, the forest….anywhere you can feel the power of the earth reaching up through your feet and out your ears….also I love being in the pool….

11. One word for my blog?      Satisfying!!!                                                                ( I changed this word three times, from- Fun to Enjoyable to Satisfying….LOL )
Once again thank you Pearly it was fun….



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  1. Wow Kat! Awesome answers i love it!
    I believe in karma too and pool is really cool place to be in peace 😊
    Yay! It was my first sunshine blogger award too!
    ♡happy holidays♡ xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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