Weigh in DAY!!!

Yes I was brave, the day after the Christmas week ends and weighed in….yep I gained…oh my what a surprise, said with sarcasm dripping from my lips….all I have done is eat this week…I did leave a lot of the sweets alone with the exception of  popcorn, I found a bag, at Oliver’s market, somewhat like a our counties equivalent to a Whole Foods market…of this most delicious popcorn, sea salt over ganache chocolate dribbled over popcorn clusters held together with a smidgen of caramel….Oh My!,  said with a quivering lip…. is it good!!!….its only 140 cal per serving, so it says on the front of the bag, oh you ask, what’s a serving?….I never looked….it was my drug of choice for the week…LOL I can’t even tell you the name of it other than its written in pink shiny letters on a white bag….LOL    I don’t think I want to look at popcorn for another year….of course I am lying  blatantly to you all…LOL so back to the weigh in….last week I had held my own, gained nothing lost nothing…this week, well lets just day I am up….6#’s…..AHHHHH   what have I done!!!  So I have recommitted this morning to my 1000 calorie limit for each day, with the exception on Wednesday….I have lunch at the Tea House with my girls, then dinner at my son’s in-laws….I will definitely watch what I eat but I am not sure about 1000 calorie quota…and Friday the 1st is my birthday….I will be going to Star Wars…and you know I will be eating popcorn there….can’t see that movie without popcorn…I already have committed to a pool session tomorrow with my niece so I will get a good 40 minutes of jogging in there, I may even try to get there today, but we have plans to pack the RV and deal with the stacks of boxes in the garage…that in its self will be a good work out as I also have a stack of stuff at the bottom of the stairs waiting to go up….

So there you have it….did I over indulge all week…apparently so….am I sorry….nope…it was all done out in the open, I didn’t sneak any food, or hide it to eat later….it was a week of merriment with family, friends, and pure bliss of the holidays…..I will just have to work that much harder to get back down to where I was….I am just hoping I didn’t screw up my A1C test with my foolish eating ……

Well the sun is up here and the frost is melting, my second cup of coffee is empty so I am taking that as a sign to get up off my butt and get moving…LOL

Welcome to the New Years Week…..may the festivities continue….kat


36 thoughts on “Weigh in DAY!!!

  1. Kat your honestly is so refreshing! I ended up losing 5 lbs due to a nasty flu bug! 😷 I would think with how active you’ve been that the extra numbers on the scale would mean muscle gain. I always measure myself and those numbers are more telling than the scale. Wishing you a wonderful holiday enjoy your time with your loved ones. 😃❤️🎄🌟

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      • You’re welcome> I have an extremely flexible and fast metabolism over decades and I am sometimes like huh when I had just one or even no meals on certain days like physically how is it possible. I am somewhat unique yet the fact that I am used to losing during these times is odd but it evens out:)

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      • that is what I am hoping for…I will get back at it in real fashion after this week…I have several lunches, 3 dinners to attend and of course the star wars movie….LOL I have not indulged in my popcorn addiction….I will hold off until movie day….can’t wait to get back at the gym…..I am heading to the pool tomorrow, fingers crossed I don’t run into any nose sniffers…or coughfers….lol

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      • I am just doing what I say here and fast workouts. I have writte4n some intense posts and some slip through the tracks though acrostic, haiku, poem or otherwise but there have v=been some serious pieces and sort of surprised they fell through. Training this time of year is about change. I have changed every year in some way and most ppl need to:)


      • Agreed I need to change to be more disciplined with my eating…if I want to lead the healthy life style, it doesn’t mean it goes to the dogs just because it is a holiday…..I will go check out your site…been busy at my house, on ward New Years…kat

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    • thanks….yes I am thinking after the New Year, I am trying this week, but this is my birthday week, and last week here for a while, so everyone who I haven’t seen in months is coming out of the woodwork to say goodbye…LOL so lunches, dinners and coffee dates are all lined up this week with the Star Wars movie at the end….Happy New Year to you and yours…Enjoy…Kat

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      • Yes, I understand. I have been out of town for over a week and therefore my eating habits have not been good. Next week back to the good eating habits and back to the gym.


  2. This is a perfect example what I refer to as a HEALTHY attitude. Failure is NOT eating unhealthy foods; failure is eating unhealthy foods when you say you aren’t going to! A holiday celebration, a birthday, etc… are occasions we can and should (if we want to) enjoy and indulge. This is part of the 10-20% rule. The trick is to immediately get back into rhythm. Remember, morning workouts seem to keep more people committed to staying on track. As a day goes on, things come up and interfere.
    Have a wonderful birthday celebration and enjoy a healthy and happy new year.


  3. You are brave indeed! I used the excuse I’m
    out of town and don’t have my scale but honestly, I just don’t want to know. Like you I have enjoyed this time with family and friends and I have no guilt about it. I really do believe this is what it is all about. So now it’s just to get back on track. Today is my last day of vacation and then I will be going hard again with clean eating and exercise. I think you have the right approach. Good for you and let’s rock 2016!


  4. During holidays and various celebrations we all overindulge. So don’t punish yourself. You know what you have to do. You’ve got this! Best wishes to you in the coming new year! Cheers, Koko 🙂


      • I sent the family to California for a week for some surfing and skiing. I stayed back with the animals. I didn’t cook much at all. Needless to say I lost weight. Hahaha. I’m happy you will be getting back to kicking but with health. I’m picking my daughter up from the airport tomorrow. I might get a burger! Girls gotta indulge once in awhile! Take care Kat!


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