Have to share my good luck with you all…I am so excited…Whoooo Hooooo I won the iherb.com give away over at vegan needs at:


If you have never visited her blog, you should, she is a vegan, and tries all sorts vegan products both to consume or use….I call her my own personal guinea human…LOL  she has give-a-ways a couple times a year…I wasn’t so lucky earlier this year, but this time I was one of two that won a $50 gift certificate to iherb.com; it was like an early birthday present…  Good Luck has struck for the New Year….YAY!!!  I am a happy girl for sure….I never win anything….Thank you veganneeds……

Its been a wonderful day, my daughter took her mini cooper to the dealer for its annual check up…so we were spend the morning together shopping and lunch…..we drove away in a brand new 2016 loner car….lots of fun…LOL  we did lunch and shared several dishes…some healthy, some yummy and not so healthy…, and no dessert….came home and finished loading the RV….seems its ready to head south…all it needs is the rest of my clothes and my bedding…and of course my dog and her bed…LOL  my poor husband can’t find anything, I didn’t realize I packed his combs in the bathroom…LOL well I laugh, but really he wasn’t laughing…so I have to go buy him a comb….the kitchen is packed, we only have the bare necessities left…well the ones I think we need…poor husband…my mantra is next month it will all be over dear….so far so good….LOL  .so I am taking deep breaths waiting for Friday to get here…I am not a very patient person….LOL

Enjoy the rest of 2015…..breathing in…..breathing out….kat



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