Good Morning….

Well I did it, I went to the gym yesterday…now before you get up and start cheering for me…the heater was out and the gym was so cold along with the pool I never got out of my street clothes, they were apologetic but that didn’t help my cold body….not to many people working out and the ones there were in coats…LOL…imagesmy niece did get in the pool for about 30 minutes….she said as long as you kept moving it was tolerable….but no thank you….my ole bones and arthritis had a hard time just being in the building….sadly it was warmer outside than inside…and it was 32’….so no gym/pool for me….I said good-bye to the gym as I left…my membership terminated….I will the option to use the gym when I come back, they have a 15$ charge for 24 hours….so that’s not to bad….I promised my niece that we would swim when I am here next time…I do have a gym lined up with a pool in Yuma and look forward to getting back at it….

Count down till I leave…             ssss      I am thinking I will leave this Friday after I have a wonderful day with my kids….I told my husband I will never be able to sleep so I might as well be driving….of course it will all depend on the weather and fog….

11         Friday is my birthday and we are all going to Star Wars…can’t wait….we have the tickets already and all of us with the exception of my husband are Star War fans. And of course we will have a really healthy lunch at the movies..LOL  well I will have popcorn of course….My kids always spend part of the day with me….it will difficult at best as it is…saying good bye is never easy…

Well food is okay…I did over indulge yesterday with my was out last day together and it was tougher than I anticipated….she is 12 and I have been a part of her life from the moment she was born….she is the granddaughter of my sister we lost….she was so happy to have a grandbaby and I am glad she was part of her life for the first couple years….we will Skype and we text all the time anyway….man I can’t believe how much turmoil I am feeling…..ahem…..big sigh….

I have been drinking detox dandelion tea spiked with my pumpkin spice tea so I am trying to rid my body of toxic waste that I put in it…it is time to get back into control and quit letting stress win….I am back at it today….that seems to me my daily mantra….I will chant that all day long especially when I am faced with eating….I am going to with my daughter this morning, she is off work all week…she works at the college and its closed with for holiday vacation so she is taking advantage of getting some of her mundane chores done, today is getting her car its annual check up…which will give us several hours to play together…LOL  so looking forward to that, we will have lunch at one of our favorite spots…the Cheese Cake Factory…..however I am not fond of there cheesecakes, but the have a yummy lettuce wrap I love….so that will be a safe spot for lunch for me…seems like everyday there is something happening around food….so I will continue to chant under my breath and get through this week….

imagesTV9HGA32Such a strange feeling inside…excitement to get there and get it started…and such trepidation about leaving….but I keep coming back to the fact its only 732 miles of road between here and there…I can drive that in a day….piece of cake….!

No sense talking about arthritis in the middle of winter in the cold….LOL

Otherwise I am hanging in here….doing the best I can with what I have ahead of me….my husband is not happy we are down to only a couple of coffee cups, and one of everything else…LOL   just means we will be washing dishes more often…he will be here for another 12 days after I leave…I am pretty sure my name will be muttered a few times after I leave…LOL I can’t help that I am overly efficient….LOL

Hope every one is having a wonderful last week of 2015…..Thank you 2015 for another good year under my smaller belt…….



36 thoughts on “Good Morning….

  1. Good luck with the whole transition. Change can be difficult, but soon becomes a pattern of living. I’m sure you will adjust, adapt and enjoy this stage in life. Stay focused on you, FIRST! Stay committed to becoming healthy and let the results add to your happiness. Drive carefully. Have a wonderful birthday celebration and a joyous New Year!


  2. Well done for hitting the gym Kat, even if it was out of action, the mind got in the right space and you did what was needed.
    Now as you say it is time to get back on the non indulgence wagon and be strong when it comes to moving from the children so be sure to keep yourself busy (I know you will anyway!) and most of all, enjoy it all!!


  3. I started shivering while reading about how cold it was at the gym. You’re better than me cuz I would have walked straight out. I know you’re sad about leaving your niece but I’m sure skype will help alleviate some of the pain. Good luck!


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