imagesAlmost New Years Eve….its so hard to keep my excitement contained…I am trying hard to keep a lid on it….but sometimes it just squeaks out…LOL…I would like to think I am a patient person,(ha ha) however in reality, I just want it all done now!!!  That’s where an unlimited bank roll would come in handy, you can have what you want, when you want it, because it is true, money talks….LOL   so for me, I just take a lot of deep breaths…LOL

I have been busy this morning rearranging appointments, moving them up sooner…so my husband can join me sooner….Yeah!!  Its always easier to have the other half of the team with you…..I want this to be joint venture, something we are doing together….If it were up to me, I would of left the kids in charge of the movers…LOL  but he insist on being here to supervise the move…can’t take that away from him..I love that he cares for our life that much….and then he will be there when the furniture arrives…YEAY…..he can be in-charge….

tudor rose english tearoom 00d

tudor rose english tearoom 03Well  I have a full day planned….meeting my girls at our favorite tea house for lunch, then over to our daughter-in- laws folks house for a lovely dinner…nice to spend time with all our loved ones…. its been a marathon the  last couple of weeks…tomorrow I am making a New Years Eve dinner, open invites for whoever wants to show up..LOL

and New Years Day is Star Wars    imagesPNZ3J5V1and last day with my kids….so its been a whirlwind last 2 weeks and I am glad it is all coming to an end…the anticipation of New Years Day has been painful at times…LOL but exciting…..its the beginning of a new year and journey for us….

My path to weight loss hasn’t been thrown to the wayside by no means…it has taken the back seat to all that is going on,  packing, dinners, coffees, cleaning, and picking through our life one corner at a time…LOL  but I am trying to make smart choices and saying no thank you to the high sugar deserts that are put in front of me more often than not….I saw my doctor yesterday and she was thrilled with my weight loss, she is a realist and understands the holidays and then throw in moving on top of it, she wrote down my last weigh in weight which showed 68# weigh loss  and that was that…she said we will do lab work in 6 months to a year…she is not worried about my A1C, she said it was barely pre-diabetes and that she would of waited a  year anyways…so YAY to all that…my BP was at the lowest its been in a long time, yay to weight loss….so we are staying “status quo” for another year and then we will reassess my medications…. so I am a happy girl….it was nice to hear her tell me that I do know my body and I am making good decisions about my health…so I left her office on a high for sure….I miss the pool and exercise, and I know my body does too….I will get back at it as soon as I get my home set-up and organized….should be within the month…can’t wait….in my mind I am already there and have it set up…LOL  its a wonder I am sleeping at all…LOL

I just want to say Thank You to You all….

your encouragement, caring, and out-put of warmth towards me and my journey is beyond what I could ever ask for or imagined….My WordPress Community is my backbone of strength for sure….

thanks for reading the rambles of my life…..







14 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. You sound very happy and that makes me happy too. So many activities going on and you keep such a great attitude Kat. I admire you very much. Best of luck on your journey, we are here with you. Wishing you and your husband the best in 2016! 🙂


  2. I am so proud of all that you’ve accomplished. I would not call that status quo. I would call that amazing progress over an entire year! Stay motivated and don’t let a month go by without creating some time for yourself to do healthy “things.” (meditate, walk, indoor bicycle, video tape exercise, etc…) It is easy to get “out of the habit” and challenging to “start back up.” You have been realistic through the holiday season which is great. I suggest picking a date on the calendar to get back into following your nutrition plan. Taking a month off from a disciplined approach can make returning to it just as challenging.
    Have a wonderful New Years. I look forward to another year of wonderful success stories coming from you.


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