On with the Show


The only song I can come up with that express how I feel today is from The Wizard of Oz…..Today is the start of a new journey for us…well at least me for sure….I will start my trek to Yuma to get on with getting on!!!  LOL  With the other half following in a week….YAY…Can’t wait….I will not have any internet service, besides my little Motorola phone….until sometime next week…soooooo have a fantastic start of the New Year and thank you for your birthday wishes and blessing….I really appreciate them all….

So until next week some time…….Happy New Year….!!!!  Kathy


10 thoughts on “On with the Show

  1. I won’t wish you luck because I don’t believe in Luck – it’s a matter of preperation and opportunity coinciding that we brand ‘luck’. But I will wish you good fortune and good fun along the way and i will look forward to hearing from you when you can. Many hugs x


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