Well I am alive and kickin that’s for sure….been  busy week since I have arrived…and I have internet!!!!   YEAH  Fell like I am a little closer to being a home, just a little…LOL

these are a few pictures I took on the way down….my front seat where my co pilot generally sits….full of CD’s and my birthday roses….and my dog….wish she could of helped drive…LOL


Really early on the north side of the Grapevine pass headed south toward LA…..cold, light dusting of snow and beautiful!!!


Thanks everyone for the well wishes and I have some blogs to catch up on…LOL   Since I have arrived I have had 1/2 my floors done, the men doing the  laminate where so quick and efficient and did a wonderful job,

12509586_10205325453515866_2605335267457665439_n The vinyl guys…well the head guy…I fired him this afternoon…..lets be honest, I have a very small amount of vinyl to put down and in 2 full days he was here for 4.5 hours and what little he did do, well lets say it was sub-par to be nice…he would leave some poor green-horn here, who was on his phone and smoking most the time because there was no material to work with….anyway, my brother is a contractor and he send him packing….his boss will be here with a crack team to get it done in the morning….I felt horrible, as I don’t wish BS on any one…but enough was enough….so by 5p tomorrow I will have more pictures of the floor….how exciting….at least I am sitting in the living room on a  chair and I brought some plant stands, so using that as a table top…..the curtains are up, and the RV is almost all unpacked…I even emptied several boxes today….the movers picked up our furniture at home and my cousin has almost finished moving in….so all’s really going ahead as planned and my husband leaves in the morning….YAY  I am ready for a little back up down here, my poor brother has been a Godsend to me….next month this time it will just be a faint memory…

Its been raining almost nonstop since I have arrived…everyone is in shock at how much rain we are getting in the desert!!!   El Nino is the culprit according to the weatherman…..and lets just say they are the youngest bunch of news casters  I have come across…funny how you get used to your own channel newscasters and trust them….

Well food goes okay then night comes….I am not sure why I can’t hold it together in the late hours….I just need to try harder….I am working out around here, bagging leaves (7 big bags), raking up the yard daily, unpacking the RV, carrying boxes, just dealing with life….but not the right kind of exercise….I am not being hard on myself, but I need to get it under control….its not rocket science its healthy eating…its still easy to overeat even if its healthy!!!!

As soon as the house gets settled I will go check out the gym….I am ready.!  I was really looking forward to some warm weather….my arthritis is not real happy….I should be careful what I wish for, as it will be summer in the desert before  I know it!!!

Well it is past my bedtime…LOL  going to bed before 8p – up at the crack of dawn to deal with floor men….soooo Happy to have internet, I promise to get to all your blogs in the next couple days…

so until tomorrow….kat.


26 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Beautiful pics. That is one cute dog! Glad to see all is coming along. It’s a shame about the vinyl guy. Like you’ve said, the transition will be complete before you know it. Get some rest. Take good care of yourself.


  2. Sounds like things are in full swing Kat! Well done on pressing on but do remember you are NOT actually bionic and mortal like the rest of us!.
    I feel you on eating healthy through the day only for bad choices to be made in the evening. It is something we must work on for sure.
    Good luck with the rest of the house and looking forward to more pics when you get a minute…..!


  3. Kat, I am so excited for you – your words express how happy you are right now. So much going on, but it is exciting times. I look forward to hearing more and seeing more pictures. Best wishes! 🙂


  4. Wow Kat you are working hard and things are getting into shape! so glad you made it safely and you are doing well! Sounds like you are doing lots of working out with all of your unpacking and bagging leaves! That work really does help in weight loss and can be fun and tiring! xx Love Lynn


  5. A little 80-20 is called for I feel. 80% hard work, 20% put your feel up and rest and enjoy the fruits of your labours which are making me tired just reading about them!


    • no, he was the floor guy who was suppose to be putting in my vinyl, Wednesday he showed up and left for over 3 hours only to return without any materials to work on the floor…Thurs he showed up at 8a and hour late…brought the subfloor and glue but said he forgot the screws, so he left his coworker a young man who knew nothing and was gone for over 4 hours…then came back for 2 hours and left again for over another hour…then he was doing a really poor job….so at 4:30 my brother, who is a contractor for over 50 years sent him packing….the company sent 2 really good floor men today and my floors are in and done!!! YAY…..so we really dismissed him off the job wished we could of fired him….and yes I guess I am busy….LOL no he didn’t smoke just talked a lot and made weird noises….LOL no one smokes in the house…..how are you???


      • He wasn’t doing what he was contracted to do. Something similar happened to us while attempting to have our house built. We didnt go through with it and I applaud you for pulling the plug when you did. Otherwise, you’d be out of much more money than you’d care to be.


      • my brother is a contracter and he knew the guy was not putting it in correctly, he was just waiting for the moment when he really screwed up….poof…he was out the door, very unhappy….they sent out the A team the next day, floors went in beautifully….always nice to have a big brother living next to you…LOL

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  6. Wow Kat, things look very busy in your neck of the woods! The floor looks great! Sorry to hear about your contractor. We have had a fair share of crap work (or lack of) and its no fun dealing with. Glad to see you made it safe and things are coming along nicely. Now you just have to pull up your socks and get back to the grind! 🙂 I’m here cheering you on…woot woot!!!


  7. Hi Kat,
    Sounds like all your work around the house will be like our son’s room. Looks like it’s always been this way and there was no way even our son could appreciate what we went through. That said, I wouldn’ want be standing their listing it all to him and making him feel guilty or that we didn’t want to do it for him. So, we just turn to each other.
    That said, he’s been told to look after it!!
    He’s been a bit tired today and certainly doesn’t want to leave the house and he’s been making up for his lack of electronics. Expected that.
    Take care and love to the dog!
    xx Rowena


    • a sure sign he’s happy to be home…and one day later in life when he’s at home cleaning out his son’s room…trust me you and your husband will cross his mind….its amazing to see them “get it” later in life….xxkat


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