IMG_20160108_195641478My office until the furniture gets here….LOL  I know your going… really black covers over the light switches and plugs….well they all need to be replaced, receptacles and covers…as they say –  Rome was not built in a day!!!   and the lace curtain are extra long as we only have 7′ ceilings and I am thinking they will need to be hemmed…..oh hum….some day….LOL  maybe I will get lucky and set something in front of them….LOL   the brown thing on the floor is a blanket for the dog…she loves her beds….


New vinyl in the kitchen , same in the bathroom and the Arizona room, opps  I lost internet service for 2.5 days….guess its the same no matter where you live…LOL  so I will get back to this post….we have the RV totally unloaded and have started putting away the boxes we brought in it…the furniture should be here this week sometime…we are going to get the furniture on the patio loaded back into the Arizona room, the desks and a table and chairs that came with the place….its starting to feel like home…we are using the RV as a bedroom, can’t wait until the bed arrives and we can actually stay inside to sleep too!!!

Went and visited the gym/pool I was talking about….not really impressed…hardly any equipment and the pool was dirty…the hot tub looked more like a bathtub (size wise) 45$ a month….kinda spendy for what you get…so we are going to go check out the other gym with a pool later today…back on the 1000 cal quota and it feels good…..see if I can get rid of the extra weight I gained over the holiday/move…it has helped to be able to have a fully working kitchen….we have been stopping at all the local vegetable stands….lemons a huge bag, big juicy lemons for 2$ but can’t find a decent tomato in town…LOL  guess you have to go with the flow of what you’ve got at your fingertips…exercise still eludes me, I am getting some exercise just moving boxes and raking leaves and getting on with life…I am definitely not sitting around on a couch….since its not here…LOL   you seen my make shift office, kitchen table and all around sitting room…LOL  just add another chair and table for my husband…..

well its after 8a and time to get going…need to return a coupe items to home depot and stop by the bank…

until tomorrow……


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  1. So where did you move from? I just want to get an idea of how far away from home you are. Even though AZ is now your new home, it’ll probably take a lil time to get use to.


    • we still have a house in the North bay of California….it is about 45 mile north of SF…mu cousin is renting from us….we were able to leave a lot of stuff at the house…so that was a bonus….take about 14 hours of straight driving to get there….


  2. It’s such a strange feeling being in a new place – I feel for you with those tomatoes! You are nesting so actively though that you must be burning calories like crazy. Keep doing what you do and I hope you find a gym with proper facilities soon 🙂


      • Then we have to get your kicks and fix in a different way. I hate most gyms – full of pretentious bozos and bunnies who make me feel second rate so I go to a pool which is not connected to a gym and I walk either fast on the flat with weights or hiking up and down hills. I run (more of a comical struggle to the uninitiated bystander) and I do a 12 minute work out consisting of planks, sit ups and ‘weights’ from the cupboard. It’s free, I don’t have to breath in other people’s stinky sweat and bacteria not endure their self righteous love me look at you expressions. Xx


      • Agree…my old gym was like a gym full of old hippies, I loved it….very kick back and mellow…of course there were the young bucks, but they were all very nice an helpful…not all full of themselves…this new gym I am looking at will be full of old people…LOL we have bought into an area of “Snow Birds”..I can go into anyplace and never see anyone even if they are standing in front of me….LOL I have a way of blocking out the world…its all about me, me and me!!! I don’t have an option to use a pool by itself, I have called all the other parks around and none of them will let someone who isn’t living there come in and use the facilities…no matter how much I offered to pay…I do have weights and I do use the kitchen counter as a base for push ups..but its the pool I am really looking for….I need to et moved in and unpacked before I go darting off to a gym…LOL

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      • I rather think I would like a gym full of old crocks ….. but I see your dilemma over the pool. What a nuisance – never mind, I’m sure whichever way you choose will work with your kick-ass attitude!


  3. Settling in takes time. Hopefully the second gym will offer a better environment for your needs. I’m sure it feels nice to least found and moved into your new home. Unpacking is just a matter of time. I hope this new environment is beneficial for both of you. Once you get back into your routine, you will once again be happy with the progress. Glad to see you back online.


  4. I’m feeling guilty just reading your post. I’ve spent much of today on the couch blogging or asleep. I am trying to downsize our books and after scouring the shelves I only found 6. Pathetic. I must admit that this isn’t my first big book cull so it is getting harder. 10 days to school goes back. Yikes! We still have our Christmas tree up but it’s still healthy so why toss it? After all, a thing of beauty is a joy forever! xx Ro


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