Well its been another busy day…I have all the boxes unpacked that are here and waiting there proper placement…..I have rearranged the kitchen counter three times…LOL  I am hoping I am down to the last time….we went to Lowes and I bought a new stand for the kitchen…another place to put more stuff….I have some really nice big pottery bowls coming with the movers that will look nice there…and convenient…my washer was hooked up and I have been busy doing laundry….I have don 4 loads since yesterday….and I have to hang them out on the line as the dryer is causing us bit of trouble….oh well at least I have a very nice clothes line and great weather for drying them…


They dry faster on the line than in the dryer….LOL

Well on to the second gym….great gym…lots of machines, clean, wonderful people, however there pool was not heated…very cold….they said it wasn’t worth the money as no one used it….bummer….so looks like I am going to give the first one a try…there are only 2 gyms with pools in the entire area…oh well I will make the best of the situation….and really miss the water….can’t really do anything until we get settled…hopefully the movers will be here this week…I will know more tomorrow….

Not much else going on…same ole – same ole…a little more every day….

until tomorrow…kat


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  1. If the second gym ultimately provides a better environment and will more likely motivate attending, you could always look into a “wet suit” that would insulate you from the cold water. This suggestion is ONLY if the first gym doesn’t work out.

    I remember the days of clothing hanging of the clothes line (inside and outside.) We only had a washing machine when I was growing up. Feels like a hundred years ago.

    Well at least it seems like everything is starting to come together. Soon it will really feel like home.


    • I actually enjoyed hanging the clothes out….reflected on my mom, and grandmother doing it….I love the smell of the clothes, just don’t like the roughness…I will give the first gym a change…I was just so spoiled by my old gym….it wasn’t always perfect but dam near close…LOL loved the movie…

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  2. My Mom used to love hanging the clothes out when she could. We are not allowed to it where I live now but at our old house I loved putting everything out but the towels as I like them soft out of the dryer. I am glad you are at least partially getting settled. I hope your stuff arrives sooner than later.


  3. I cannot remember the last time I hung washing out…! It would have been over 20 years ago for sure. However, I don’t use a drier either so my apartment tends to look like a Chinese Laundry on washday!!
    I agree with the Doc about the Gyms Kat. You will honestly be more likely to be motivated to go to the Second Gym as it is a nicer environment so maybe look for a solution to get around the pool issue?
    What ever you do, keep up the rest work and I am certainly jealous of the sunshine nearly always appearing to be out… 🙂

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  4. I prefer line dried clothes but unfortunately in my current environment I would have frozen smalls (that’s what we Brits coyly call underwear in case you wonder) stiffening in the arctic wind and sporting a beard of snow! You are really going great guns so I say GO KAT wooooot 🙂 x


  5. I remember hanging clothes on a line when I was a child but I didn’t like it because the clothes smelled like animals. Maybe it’s just the Kansas air, but I didn’t care for it. Sounds like you are being productive and getting things done Kathy! Hope you get the pool situation figured out soon!


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