The Word Magician Award


My good buddy Paul has nominated me for an award ( a couple weeks ago) and I am honored that you would think of me….you can find him at

You should check out his blog if you have not already.

And then the rules for the award:

  • Give the person who nominated you a shout-out.
  • Link their blog.
  • Nominate five of your favorite blogs for The Word Magician Award.
  • Tell the person who nominated you five things about yourself.


My nominees:

As you all know if your reading this, then your nominated….go ahead take the challenge and enjoy the award….

5 Things about me

  1. I have just uprooted my life an moved to the South West desert…
  2. I have been working on getting healthy and have lost 69#’s so far
  3. I love to garden and it just so happens that cactus are my favorite
  4. I am a sun worshipper, even though I dance under the moon….
  5. I really enjoy just sitting in nature and listening and finding serenity

31 thoughts on “The Word Magician Award

  1. Seriously? Is that 69 lbs? I am so impressed. After Baby #3 I took a year to lose about 35lbs. I never quite made my ultimate target but I think now that I was aiming a bit too low anyway. Past a certain point my nose sticks out too much! Weird, huh? I’ve probably put about 10 of those lbs back on and they sure are stubborn to shift.
    Anyway (I’m rambling), I have huge, HUGE admiration for everyone who has the will power and mindset to lose weight. Bravissima!


  2. Congrats on the award my friend but losing all those kilos is an incredible achievement. Not easy at all. I am probably more with you on the moon front these days. I love watching moonlight shining across the water at night where the water is so dark and inky and the light bends in the waves. I used to do that at the Palm Beach house and it was just beautiful. Shame they sold it. I usually don’t feel safe watching the moon what with the dark etc.
    xx Rowena


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