So Up and at em’ early again….we were out hitting garage sails at 8a this morning….at the 6th one we hit gold…found a really nice 5 drawer upright dresser like new for my husbands room…already cleaned and filled with all his stuff!!!  We hit the hardware store and food store so got all that done…the leaky valve in the back of the toilet  got fixed and I bought a tension rod for the AZ room and that curtain is hung….there is a pork roast in the oven filling the house with aromas and the wet towels from the wet bathroom floor are in the wash….so I am doing well so far…..

It was weigh day…didn’t want to but knew I had to be accountable….slap me silly, I am still just 3#’s up from when I left home on Jan 1st….I had lost most of the Christmas weight I had gained by the first….and I am holding steady at 261#….so made my day…I was dreading the scale…I always still get on and mostly very surprised by the results… YAY!!!!  I will just keep on keeping on…..I am still journaling my food and being accountable for all I eat so I think that has helped me keep in line…and I am watching what I eat…no processed foods, just eating late at night and mostly popcorn or apples….so will try to stop that and get back to my 6p cut off…I made some popsicles and will start back on them…

The gym is still in the future…I can’t very well trek off to the gym and leave my hubby hear dealing with life alone…we don’t even have our furniture yet…they said by Tuesday and possible before….I have been chanting Sunday over and over again with fingers crossed….. I am a little tired of sleeping out in the RV….at least its not on the floor….LOL so I should be little more thankful, I have a full RV full to the hilt and its warm and comfortable…

We are getting a lot done in the meantime… I painted some old metal shelves that were left here and have them in the Arizona Room already filled with the treasures I brought down in the RV, getting the cupboards a little more organized…

IMG_20160116_113448918_HDRthe window is covered as it looks into my bedroom…LOL  lost the incentive to be an exhibitionist years ago….LOL

IMG_20160114_150039327_HDR    the kitchen is small and cozy with IMG_20160114_150027764all the comforts of home in a tiny package…that’s just the sink area (will replace with one large white one in near future, thinking about replacing all the shelves with new ones and getting a dishwasher…hummm what a great idea) but for now it will have to do…the other side of the fridge is a large pantry, lots of storage areas and the stove to the left….pretty standard mobile home kitchen…to the left of the stove area is the front window…a door leading out, another pantry and washer and dryer area….its all do-able….the rest of the house is bare with the exception of a couple kitchen chairs and lap top tables…

IMG_20160114_173723178Out my back door from the Arizona room at sunset the other night…don’t think I will get tired of that….as the sun sets the mountains turn beautiful colors…pictures don’t do it justice…

Arthritis is okay….my hand joints hurt after I got done spraying that metal shelf  it took 4 cans and I didn’t do the back or the very top shelf…LOL  the shelf is really old and worthless, but it will work for now and I love having my treasures out to see….

so until tomorrow or the next day….kat



45 thoughts on “Saturday…..

  1. I understand about the hand joints. I sometimes have to factor in the downtime I need to rest them when figuring out what tasks I intend to do. The place is looking nice. I know you will be happier when you get your stuff and can really get settled.


  2. Staying real busy I see. Glad to see the weight has remained stable. The hardest part of weight loss is maintenance. Keeping the log has really helped. Once everything slows down, you will be able to get back into your routine. This help help transition from maintenance to weight loss. It’s actually good and healthy to do both. Take one day at a time and make certain to enjoy everyday as well. Sleep well.


    • Oh I will sleep well tonight, in my own bed….and we are enjoying life daily…sometimes we scratch our heads and wonder what the hell we are doing…LOL but mostly we are pretty happy to be here….just wish all the fixin ups were done….thanks for your encouragement, I so appreciate it …..xxkat


  3. The house will be a tiny delight but that view – oh that view …. it’s magical. I love the shelves by the way – the blue reminds me of the sea around the Greek islands. Stunning. I do hope your things arrive soon. We need our things to nest with!


    • The movers are due within the next 2 hours…and the blue shelf is a combo of 2 aguas,, one called sea blue and the other blue oasis…they were spray cans…went on to look like the ocean…turned out well for a lucky accident. I didn’t know I added the blue oasis…then again…hummm was it really an accident…LOL the house was basically free, the price we paid was what the land was worth…the mobile was just a throw in…it may be old, but it had good bones…and no real damage…so it will have to do…miss the 3rd bedroom as my throw all and a second bathroom…oh my am I sounding alittle spoiled…LOL and yes the view is what sold us…can’t beat that anytime of the day….I sat and drank coffee looking across the Sonaran desert….peaceful, tranquil and just plain stunning!!!! hopefully it will be blooming in the next few months….Happy Sunday to the East coast….kat

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      • Not spoiled …. it’s a big adjustment having less space. But adjust you will and with that glorious natural vista for company you have the sun, the moon and the stars at their best for company and the seasons will be supernaturel in their beauty, of that I am sure. I love a happy accident, by the way – pretty well describes my life (that and unhappy accidents LOL!)


      • Thank you for you very kind words….yes I am an adjuster if I am nothing else…LOL I love happy accidents, they are always the ones meant to be…and as for the supernatural…honey its all happening here…I love my view of the desert….huge reason we took this place…the rest will fall into place…literally…LOL

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    • Crafty, thanks, it was just spray paint applied all willy nilly…LOL but I must say it turned out rather well for what I put into it…LOL yes I suppose I should stop talking about the wonderful warm weather…but we live in a desert after all…suppose its all relative really…Have a great day…kat

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    • thanks I am having fun nesting…my sister couldn’t believe I brought so much from the other house, as far as my shells and treasures that mean so much….wouldn’t be home without it to me…and yes the view never gets old and it turns colors at sunrise and sunset….kitchen is a tiny bit small but its definitely cozy….starting to feel more like home….kat

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