Impatient Sunday Morning

Been up for hours….the movers called yesterday afternoon about 2 hours after I posted on my blog and will be here this morning…I am sure it was all the help of everyone crossing their fingers for us….thanks we appreciate it !!!  big smiles…..I have the laundry done and up on the line, all but this computer and chair is out of the living area…vacuumed, dishes are done, and took a shower…so know I sit here and wait…and wait, and wait…it will be so nice to have our “stuff” I am not sure where all the stuff in the 15 boxes is going to go…LOL  some of it is my clothes but most of it is stuff I though I couldn’t live without…oh well-we will see!!!

beautiful sunny morning and its suppose to be in the mid 70’s today….so alls well in my world weather wise…

so until later….Happy Sunday everyone


27 thoughts on “Impatient Sunday Morning

  1. Woooooot! BTW we got unforecast snow yesterday – this made me laugh A-lot. The weathermen here are absolutely obsessive about snowcasts and entirely overlooked the heaviest drop of the year so far. I love blunders and fortunately I love snow (though come back to me on that one at the end of the New England winter) xx


    • I love snow too…my bones and joints do not….nothing prettier than a fresh snow fall….I envy you to a point…then happy for my 75′ weather in the next thought..LOL and the weatherman out here act like a 1/4 inch of rain is a hurricane…pretty funny to watch storm watch when its all over in an hour…..enjoy your day…keep warm…kat

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      • I’m lucky not to have your joints and watching my mum and her trials and struggles with what she calls her ‘screws’ which I think is an old word for arthrytis I thank my lucky stars and hope it leaves me alone. So enjoy your tiny hurricanes and drink in the sunshine!


      • thanks…..yes be a good girl and take care of your joints and don’t over use them now1!! take glucosamine now and don’t wait until its to late…calcium and all those wonderful joint helping herbs available….I preach to my kids all the time….not sure they are doing it but at least I tried…LOL kat

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      • I’m listening and I promise I will take the glucosamine and any other thing that might help. I’m sure your children listen too – they have a habit of listening without showing that they are in my experience!


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