Ahhhhh to sit in my own chair, to sleep in my bed….my room may be a mess….but home has arrived…..big sigh of happiness….its getting closer to being done…I have all the boxes unpacked but not put away…I can’t believe how much stuff I brought…LOL I have a hard time leaving anything behind…LOL  pictures coming, need to put the finishing touches here and there…today we spent some time chasing down TV antennas, we tried an indoor, even though it gave us great pictures, just no channels that we could understand….so after 4 stores looking for the best price, they were all the same…LOL we bought an outside one and have it sitting in a window…working okay but it will be better when its up on the roof……for basic TV they want $50+, crazy….and then we looked for a sofa table to set the TV on….no luck on that either….we will do some major garage sales this week, they start on Thursdays down here and go through Sunday….all in all we are having fun…working hard but having fun….

Still doing well on my calorie quota, not back to my 1000 yet but maintaining and working hard enough to cover the exercise end of life, I am hoping to be at the gym starting the beginning of February…The fresh vegies here are so plentiful….can’t believe how cheap some of them are…..a huge bag of big, juicy lemons $2…same with tangelos and baby spinach….and the avocados are like butter…nice bonus to live in agricultural belt….apparently we are the biggest growers of Kales and lettuce….we bought a cauliflower on the side of the road right out of the field behind them…it was very good….okay enough about the vegie stands….LOL

sorry that my post are so scattered…LOL kinda like my brain…

so until tomorrow or the next day….




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  1. There is nothing finer than collapsing into your own bed at the end of a hard day. I’m so glad it all arrived unscathed by it’s journey and I’m loving this feeling of watching your next unfold. TV is a complete mystery to me here … but that’s another story entirely!

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    • HA HA we just put up our antennae and we have 25 channels…whoo hoo.. 11 Spanish, we after all only 7 miles from Mexico…Ole”” 3 church and the rest a mix of the best…at least we have the major networks…..all good in paradise….back to unpackin….kat

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  2. Thanks for keeping us posted! I am so happy I get to hear about your big adventure as I sit here in my recliner. I am imagining you in your cheery kitchen hanging the laundry out on your line and painting your shelves. I also see you and hubby unpacking and picking up those juicy lemons! I hope you are doing well dear and I miss you xxx


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