Sunday……..been a busy weekend to say the least..

I started with the removal of all the bricks that we laid back in November…So the entire IMG_20151123_150121962

area has been stacked on the side of the house, all the other stuff, my dryer, the chop saw, 8 pieces of plywood (8×4) have been moved over by the fence, we dug out around the green poles holding up the carport roof, it needed to be leveled, we dug out 2 of those and lifted them up a couple inches then filled it in with cement…filled the holes back in with the dirt/sand and it looks better….we also washed the entire side of the home with a scrub brush and power washer so that’s done!!  We still have the steps to move but we will do that on Thursday morning and remove the large metal gate across the front of the property…I will be very happy to see the end of this next week….we still have to move the RV, we are going to pull it in the back and leave it there for a couple  three weeks….let the cement dry thoroughly before we drive on it…..In the meantime, my new sofa table came for the TV…my sweet husband put it together and we got the TV moved off the end table…


We also spent part of Friday at the Yuma Civic Center at the Home Show…it was fun –  met a lot of business’s from Yuma…didn’t take to long to go through that…we also stopped and picked up our cement to repair the carport…..then on Saturday morning we went to the German Brat Haus Festival, that was a lot of fun, beer and schnitzel for lunch and lots of good music and dancers…..we stayed few hours and enjoyed the show…



So we have been busy little bee’s needless to say not only working but having fun as well….

Hope your week is a good one……kat


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  1. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy they say – sounds like you had the perfect balance of work and play this weekend – the German festival looks really fun, the rest was surely very hard work 🙂


    • It was a lot of fun….nice to see my hubby enjoying the music and talking to his people in German…LOL I feel like I am living in a retirement center…with all the snow birders that are here, well lets just say they aren’t young….LOL and many of them feel they are so self entitled, ….glad they are only here for about 3 months or less….I am taking the day off from working around the outside…its pretty much ready for the concrete layer….he will be here on Thursday….today its all about shopping…we need shades for the windows and a new shower rod, the curved kind…maybe even lunch out.!!!.

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  2. I love your new sofa table. Where did you get it? We have brand new TV’s but were planning on using them once we moved but since things have changed we may need to get something like that. We can’t mount them on the wall because we are renting and the landlord doesn’t want holes in the wall. (understandably)


  3. Is that you? I love that pretty dress. I love going to festivals like that. I used to go to them when I lived in Baltimore….20 years ago….Baltimore had all kinds of cultural festivals in the summer


  4. Wow just looking at those bricks that needed moving, ok you have your work out and more! Sounds like everything is coming together, like your new tv stand! A nice and fun weekend break going to the festival! Love seeing all of these pictures!

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