My new Gym…IMG_20160127_092406529_HDRIMG_20160127_092033574The pool, an exercise class in session…pool was 84’…I stood on the steps (dressed) for about 5 minutes and the water felt great…no sharp pain in my joints…I will be joining the beginning of February….its a month to month with no sign up fee….its 15$ more than my old gym, but they also want 80$ to sign up fee….so I am looking at it as a win – win….its only 3 miles from my house and they open early….I am excited to get back in the water….they have a water exercise every day from 9a for an hour…so that will work perfect and a lot of the people in the pool had there sunglasses on and a hat…so I will fit right in…LOL   I didn’t get a picture of the hot tub….there were to many people in it, but is very small and I am not sure I will use it when it gets hot out….so that is what I did this morning….

I am doing well on the quota…ended up a little over 1500cal yesterday, slept better and feel better….nice to be back at it…steamed a bunch of vegies today…I eat them in my salads…I will not weigh again until Monday…making it my new weigh in day….so hopefully the scale will be pointing down…doing some home exercises and still working out in the yard…

Today they came and ground up 2 big stumps….they will be back to do another 4, in the back yard….we inched the RV around the edge of the house in between the house and the shed out back….didn’t want to leave it on the street for a couple weeks while the drive way cures …

So I will leave you with some sunset pictures from out front of our house…

12573159_10205440328427667_814652936039818674_nOn the way to the store…

12647473_10205440328307664_4274007627637030468_nIn front of our house….my little phone did it justice…..

Until tomorrow…..


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    • thanks….I am hoping….dealing with some stressful family issues…nothing I can do to help them but stress…the newlyweds have left the honeymoon stage…..hope they can get it together….in the meantime I am trying not to eat through my stress….kat

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  1. I love those skies and I love the picture of the pool building that looks like its been sculpted out of raspberry sorbet! I notice you are dealing with some stressful family stuff so I send you, in addition to sunshine and flowers all strength to keep your nose above water and swoosh through the stress. x


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