Almost done….they started laying cement today…yay…can’t wait for all this to be done!!

They will be back in the morning at 8a to pour the rest of the driveway…should be done this time tomorrow night…we have to wait to get the gate welded back on until Friday and we have to wait at least 3 weeks till we can move the RV onto the pad, we actually squeezed it into the back yard….it is literally less than a 1/2″ from a stump sticking up…LOL…my husband almost broke a blood vessel thinking I was going to scrap his mistress…LOL  (the first picture is from the street looking to the back of the house…you can see the V peeking around the corner of the house…LOL – the second one is me standing in front of the RV looking toward the street…and of course the third is the back, the RV pad getting smoothed out…

Needless to say even though I am not doing any of the work, I feel like I have worked all day…LOL  I was up most of the night stressing on my son’s life…he is having marital problems and they have separated to see if they can work this out…they live in a tiny house and its not very conducive to having privacy and space….I am extremely sad about this situation, but am in high hopes that they can find the love that brought them together….however I am also a realist and know that there is nothing I can do to help…just be here and give them both all my love and listen if they want to talk….

So with all that fun news’s…I am exhausted from no sleep, to feeling like I worked all day watching the men work…LOL   Weather is great….warm in the high 70’s and will be in the 80’s tomorrow….then we are suppose to be getting the wind from the big storm hitting the western states…so will batten down the hatches and hang on I guess…LOL

I am doing ok on eating….trying not to eat my stress….I have gone back to making Feb 1st my start over date….I still am eating healthy and staying away from processed foods…stopped eating them months ago and have no desire to put them in my body…however you still can over-eat, eating healthy food…oxy moron I am sure…lol

So I could ramble on, and on , and on….and not say anything…so its better I leave you with a couple quotes I found on Facebook….

Maybe a little dance at midnight might set me right….LOL

Until tomorrow….remember clothes are optional under the moon…LOL


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    • it used to be an old fashion mobile home park, then changed to HOA’s you owned your home and land, and now its just lots you buy…no HOA’s no one is in charge….that has its ups and downs of course….but we bought a lot 60′ wide by 120′ long with a 1984 14X60 mobile home, 2 bed 1 bath….they added an Arizona room to the side, that is whats by the poured cement on the side….is 14X30′ so its a huge room….right now its my throw all…..we have a couple tables and a desk out there along with my painted blue metal stand full of all my treasures….we will eventually build a deck off the back door so we can sit out there in the morning and enjoy the desert view….kat

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      • Well they are super popular here in Florida-many are owned modular/mobiles on rented lots many are for senior citizens. Some are more exclusive and you own the land and home but pay HOA fees monthly. They have club houses, pools that type of thing. Sounds as though you’ll have plenty of space inside and outside-wonderful Kat!


      • that’s whats here too….parks where you pay space rent, and they have club houses and pools…lots of snowbirds here….its amazing how many flock in…..LOL yes we have enough land….I am going to do less as I am not sure about the hot summers and plants…we want to be able to go camping and I don’t want a bunch of plants to cook this summer…LOL

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  1. Kat, wonderful to see the progress being made. I bet you are ready for it all to be over with soon. Thanks for the update and sorry to hear about the troubles the son is having. I understand, my oldest son’s divorce was final a couple of weeks ago. Have fun dancing under the moon! 🙂


  2. It’s moving on so well – you did make me laugh about your husband nearly bursting a blood vessel when he thought you were going to scratch his lady love! And I am sorry about your son and his wife. It is so hard to straighten things out when you are in one another’s hair. And it is so hard to be the observer when you love them. But you will find your way through this and give them all the guidance and support they want and need and keep your trap shut when you have to. Because you are mum. Magic mum as it turns out!


  3. Each day that passes puts you one day closer to where you want to be.
    I am sorry for the family stress you are going through. Marriage is difficult and requires great effort. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


  4. Oh thank you for a great, heartfelt laugh… I’m in the mood for moon-dancing but it’s on the nippy side around here so I won’t be scandalising the neighbours just yet!
    I also love your ‘eat my stress’ phrase. That’s exactly what I did for years. It’s a tough habit to break. I rely on knitting and crochet to keep my fingers out of the cookie jar.


    • yes the stress eating is one of the hardest habits I have to break….its been my go to for over 50 years…I was in control of it until the latest news about my son and his wife came up….had I been a smoker that would of caused me to restart….its like you know you shouldn’t but your rebel and emotional side says go ahead its okay…..moon dancing was nice…but I kept clothed….didn’t think the neighbors were ready for that….LOL

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