Back to Day One….

Well back to the real reason I am on this blog…my health!!!  Since Thanksgiving I have been trying to stay status quo…gain a little – loose a little, not really trying for weight loss, just trying to deal with life….After we bought our huge Thanksgiving Turkey in the size of a lot in Arizona with a mobile home in much need of TLC…ripping up carpets, painting the entire house,  lining up a contractor for the floors, insurance, getting all the ducks in a row before we left to go home before Dec first for doctors appointments…seems since then I have been on a roll with life….home to pack, deal with movers, get my house cleaned up and out for my cousin who was moving in, Christmas, holiday dinners, packing, my birthday everyone wanted to have dinner or meet before we left, getting a good moving company… was a little over whelming to say the least…….then when I was finally able to leave and drive to our new home (in much need of repair)  by myself with my dog in the RV, my husband stayed because he still had MD appointments until the middle of January and he wanted to be there when the movers came… I got here and the insanity continues…. But it is time no matter what life has been throwing me, its time for me to take a step back and take care of me again….I actually have missed that….Its February 1st….I got on the scale….I am back up to 270, I was at 258 on December 12th….a gain of 12#’s….not as bad as it could of been if I had gone all willy nilly in my eating…so I am actually happy with where I am and really happy to get back to my weight loss path and start looking at the next goal…the elusive 250 mark….20# to go….I got this….I am heading over to the gym this morning and get in a work out……

I am going to be realistic…I will continue to set my calorie goal at 1000 but my top number is 1200….my fridge was never full of anything but healthy food, but I will cut out the whole grain bread .and cut back on the size of my portions….and of course the big one…no eating after 6p with the exception of popsicles and they are in the freezer ready for my evening urge to eat….my scale is out and my measuring cups and spoons are in the basket on my counter….I am ready, mind set is back and here we go!!!

Now back to the fun stuff….

10425373_10205463764933565_2644731786858530338_n12647222_10205457935667837_6866653699938530893_n I put petrified wood put around the bottom of the saguaro to make it more secure, couldn’t figure out if we were going to do a full circle or take it straight across the front for a full flower bed…of course I mean cactus garden…LOL  the stepping stones were made by our contractor free hand…we are painting them bright colors and will use them along edge of the driveway between the trees set in some grey rock to fill in….I am not sure what size yet…that’s the next project….getting the rest of the yard filled in with rock/stone of some sort….we are getting a bid for the job on Tuesday….it will be nice to get rid of all the sand/dirt….we will still have the leaves from the trees to deal with but even if we got rid of ours we would have the neighbors to deal with….they are a real pain in the behind!!!

12650894_10205463753253273_6797475075058410067_n  Our new driveway and patio area, its so nice…no dirt or sand to walk in….can’t wait till its completely finished….


well I thought I would put the same picture on here…one on a nice clear day and the other one today…windy, up to 37 mph at times and the dust and sand of the desert all mixed in…its pretty nasty out….suppose to do this for a couple days….I guess that’s when we do inside projects….LOL like hanging the new shower curtain rod YAY…..

Well we are learning when a big storm comes in on the west coast we get the wind…so that’s where that is coming from….it is suppose to be down in the high 30’s tonight so its not only windy, but cold….so my arthritis is screaming at me…keep warm, and where’s the Advil…LOL  but no where as bad as it could be if I were still in California…

So this is getting long winded….need to go hang my new shower curtain…

Until tomorrow……



30 thoughts on “Back to Day One….

  1. They did a great job on the driveway, and I am glad everything is starting to be completed. It is good you are getting back into the exercising, stay focus my friend. Have a great day! 🙂


  2. I was watching the weather forecasts about that storm last night – had no idea it would give you wind but I stand further educated which, as a frustrated Weather Girl is always welcome! Your yard is looking amazing by the way. But most of all it is so good to hear your firm, positivity about getting back in the saddle. I’m right here, as always cheering you on!


  3. I really like the patio and driveway it is nice! The round blocks will be so nice and I can now picture your garden and everything else. It is so much fun watching this all fall into place, actually your back breaking hard work!! You are doing great getting back at it. Life happens and we get off track but you are amazing! So proud of you! xxx


  4. Great to see you have a plan Kat, that is the best way to achieve your goals and achieve them you will with an attitude such as yours.
    The house is certainly coming together also so when that is finished (or nearer completion) it will certainly be easier on the mind and allow you to concentrate on yourself a bit more.
    You can do it!!


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