Day Done!!

Had a fantastic day…worked out….ate extremely smart…just had a popsicle and feeling wonderful about being back in complete control of my body…finished day off at 1055 calories… that’s a good start…

On top of the great day, my wonderful husband said we should refigure the kitchen a little to add a small dishwasher to the mix!!!  We only have a 1/2 sized dishwasher at our other house and it works perfect for us…so I didn’t waste anytime, called my brother, a contractor, over and we will only loose a small part of the cupboards….. I am so excited…I ordered the dishwasher and  also ordered a new kitchen sink….It will make life so much easier….I am telling you this little ole trailer was living in the dark ages…in more ways than I care to think….but slowly, day by day, week by week we are getting there….the cement gang will be back in the morning to finish the job…so then we can start getting the bricks laid…then we are waiting for the pad where the RV will be parked to cure, sometime in the first part of March so we can move it out of the back yard and then get the remaining stumps ground down…one day at a time…little by little….

The wind stopped and I see everyone out sweeping and cleaning up there cement areas…amazing how much dirt and sand blow everywhere….I know, duh its a desert, but still…

Not much else to report on…hope everyone’s Monday went well, a quote I found on Facebook says it all….

12645101_10153947378363281_7377888424485219057_n Until tomorrow……



26 thoughts on “Day Done!!

  1. Never lost faith in you. You WILL succeed as I’ve stated before. Nice to see the whole place coming together. The two of you have accomplished a great deal in a very short time. Make sure you enjoy your time AND each other.

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  2. It sounds like things are definitely on the up and up! Well done for hanging in there. The quote is perfect; it’s really therapeutic to embrace change and let things go (figuratively or literally!). Here’s to a great week ahead. 🙂


  3. I am actually OBSESSED with the dishwasher here. I don’t have one in France because it’s a rented flat and mostly just me there and was supposed to be just for 6 months (2 1/2 years and counting) and so on ad tedium. But here I have return of my favourite kitchen gadget. No more dishwashing hands for you – just dust sweeping blisters …. 😉


    • I didn’t realize how much I missed my dishwasher, mostly for hiding the dishes…LOL plus I love how much cleaner they get in the machine VS me hand washing…..but when I lived alone (13 years between my last marriage and this one) I didn’t have a dishwasher either…and I didn’t mind….but now I am spoiled….LOL

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      • Stay spoiled girl! My mother never had one, refused to have one and then after my dad died started using the one that came with the house they had moved into a year before his death. Now she gets stroppy with me when I visit and wash dishes! Obviously now that I have rekindled my love affair with the dishwasher I won’t be making that mistake any more!!!


  4. So glad you feel back in control. I know that feeling well of feeling like you are not in control of eating and it is great when we feel back on track! The dishwasher and new sink sound great and will making life easier for sure. I would love to see a big before picture when you are done, and a lovely after picture. I love the quote!! Love Lynnxxx

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  5. Hello looks like you have been busy ! Not been on in a long time and your pictures of your progress are nice to see. You will have an amazing place! I’m not doing top badly. I’ve started going to a gym class from about a month ago and I’ve started running again each week. I still play netball (the only constant exersise in my life!). I’m trying ! Food intake is going well too. Not perfect but sensible ! Lovely to hear from you. Xxx


    • glad your doing well…sounds like you have it together and on tract…that’s all we can do….yes, we are busy getting this place comfortable and trying to get the dust and sand under control…kat


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