I did it…..


Well I was up and sitting at the Urgent Care Center at 7:30a…they opened at 8a and I wanted to be in and out before I woke all the way up…LOL   so he deadened it…probed, squeezed and kept saying , hummm he finally made me look and showed me how deep he was poking in the now larger hole in my little finger…no cactus needle…but he did find a bad abscess on the bone….he cleaned it out and sent me to exray….no foreign object in my finger, and no bone decay…YAY…he thinks I soaked it out, so that was a good thing, however the he said normally you don’t get abscesses on the bone so he thinks I probably poked the bone…..so after a couple shots, one tetanus – one strong antibiotics, I was on my way with a prescription for oral antibiotics for the next 10 days….he nixed me working in the dirt for several days…no getting it wet either…so I bought a pair of rubber gloves to do dishes….at least the dull throbbing has stopped…so I did it, I went, didn’t stomp my feet or cry….I must be growing up…LOL  and its true what they say, everything in the desert either, pokes, bites or scratches you….and its all painful..

Some of the brick laying we are doing along the driveway…tedious work and it is not professional that’s for sure…the red cement stand in the bottom of the bird bath…not in is proper place, but our of the way…LOL


I made my husband take me out for breakfast…we went to California  LOL…5 miles over the border to the casino Quechan, they call it the “Q”  breakfast was okay….fun to say we went to Calif. today…LOL   Eating is going to be a little difficult for the next 10 days as I have to eat something when I take my pill, and its morning..no problem but before bed…well I am thinking a half banana will do….so now that I have written it down, it won’t be that difficult…LOL  I will just keep enough calories for that…LOL  really not a big issue…LOL

the casino where we had breakfast this morning, very windy…..


Well its Super Bowl weekend…hope everyone is ready for a good game on Sunday…at least the news is talking about some else than politics….its a relief…..

So until tomorrow…..


24 thoughts on “I did it…..

    • I am laughing at the pun…and yes I was a big girl and went to the doc..it was looking pretty sad….if you noticed how far back I was when I took the brick pictures that way you can’t see the wave I have going on….LOL kat

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  1. The finger comes off the checklist of things to do. Well done. I noticed you mentioned the Superbowl. I wasn’t sure if you knew I live in North Carolina. You can probably guess who I’m rooting for. Good luck during your healing time. You’ve got lots of things to do after your antibiotics run out! 🙂


    • Yes and I am going to take advantage of the doctors orders, no playing in the yard for a few days….my brother said wear gloves….I had to admit I mentioned that to the MD but he said its better to keep it calm for a few days….and oh yeah GO BRONCOS sorry!!!! have fun watching the game…xxkat


  2. Ouch!!
    That does NOT sound fun Kat. How on earth did you do that to yourself? I recall reading about you thinking it was a cactus needle (still incredulous at that injury over here in dear old Blighty!) but if it wasn’t the, what on earth caused it.
    Still anyway, I am glad you were feeling much better and the pain has subsided.
    The next mad thing is having breakfast in a Casino!
    I have never even been in a Casino in my life!!


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