Faire Day….



Some pictures from the Renaissance Faire today….


The Queen  12650816_10205499140137923_4588515064270998964_n

The Grim Reeper     12650862_10205499142737988_1814369421484689165_n12654643_10205499140897942_5585089569881510198_n12661809_10205499141497957_6207786472613238989_n

A great parrot, he was a character, and I loved all the wonderful handmade items…

These horses were huge wooden rockers…

12688199_10205501460595933_2771300701613854186_n12705462_10205499142217975_181497639778816665_nMy favorite, the horned woman…she was great!!!

We had a great time, not a huge faire but big enough to spend a couple hours wandering through….a stage with great singers and jugglers…My favorite is people watching and there was quite a bit going on so enjoyed sitting and watching the crowd pass by…..

Had a good day, Calories are at 1200..so happy about that…didn’t get much exercise…walked some at the faire but other than that my husband won’t let me do any yard work until my sore heals on my finger…however he did let me hang out the laundry…LOL  I did a load of whites and sheets….I hung the sheets first, and by the time I finished hanging the rest of the load, the sheets were dry !!  I guess with humidity at 14% and a nice wind blowing through…what do I expect…didn’t take long for them all to dry….

Had to have the man who hung the gate come back and redo his job….the gate was getting stuck together when closed so he had to re-weld the entire thing….now its much better…

I tweaked my bad knee the other day and have been babying it since…I almost bailed on the Faire today but the Advil kicked in and we walked very slow….my joints in my  hands are also tender, I am thinking its because my body is in healing mode and utilizing all its energy to heal  that….I could be talking in the wind too…LOL  What do I know…???  LOL

Well its super bowl Sunday…..GO BRONCO’S   !!!***!!!



23 thoughts on “Faire Day….

  1. Glad you had some fun at the fair. I really enjoy those events. Lots of great actors and routines.
    As far as the superbowl goes, you might want to check your spell check on your computer. I believe you meant to write, GO PANTHERS! (LOL) (Don’t forget, I live in North Carolina 🙂 )

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    • No pretty sure my spell check is ok…perhaps its yours..?? LOL and in all reality I am always rooting for both teams….and of course the best team that showed up today will win….but I love the difference in both teams…its going to be a good game….Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you…kat


  2. Wonderful time you had at the Renaissance Faire, and walking around would count as some exercise. You have been busy the last several weeks, so taking a day off is good. Thanks Kat, enjoy reading your posts. 🙂


    • I am enjoying the laundry gig, been years since I had to do it…I will probably continue even after I get the dryer hooked up, however I will put the towels in the dryer, they get a bit rough…LOL and I want a giant rocking horse…LOL

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      • I’m told that Americans, in general, don’t hang their laundry out. I am mystified…it’s my favourite task. Also, on my gynaecologist’s advice, I do my pelvic floor exercises while I’m hanging up clothes so I’d be in big trouble if I stopped !!


      • you are so funny….and yes your correct….at least on the west coast of the us….I don’t know to many people that hang out there laundry….when we traveled around the US the Amish hung out there laundry….however I am thinking that there are quite a few down here with laundry out, as I see it more and more as the weather gets warm….

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  3. Oh that faire looks pretty neat. I love people watching too so this would be a great place. I’m slightly envious that you can dry your clothes outside right now! Lol… I’m not sure mine would dry so quickly in the snow. Hope your finger gets better soon.


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